Wamsley ’15 accepted as Ambassador

The German Academic Exchange Service or in German Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the largest organization that promotes international academic cooperation in Germany. One of the ways the DAAD does this is, through the selection of Young Ambassadors who promote the program. Christine Wamsley ’15 is one of the 33 DAAD Young Ambassadors selected this year.

Wamsley said that her role as a Young Ambassador is to “pass information to other students on German study abroad opportunities…and encourage them to consider travelling to Germany.” Wamsley has traveled to Germany a number of times, including two exchange trips in high school, two summers and a JanPlan before she chose to study abroad in Munich during the fall of 2013.

Wamsley’s double major in biochemistry and german studies prompted her to spend her semester in Munich doing research at the Deutsches Museum, the largest science and technology museum in the world.

Wamsley explains that, “as a science major, I had to find a program that would tie into my Biochemistry requirements…[so] I decided to use the semester in order to get my research requirement done.”

At the museum, Wamsley worked in an open lab, where only a waist-high piece of glass surrounds the lab area, enabling visitors of the museum to ask questions and view the Scientists’ in action. Wamsley said that this form of research “was a great opportunity for me to meet new people and also practice my German and scientific communication.”

Once she returned to the College, the Office of Off-campus Study informed Wamsley about the DAAD Young Ambassador program, and Wamsley decided to apply. Wamsley explains that the “DAAD has no set requirements for what students must do, besides spending some amount of time in Germany; it is really about being active in all things related to german studies.”

Once Wamsley was accepted into the program, she attended a three-day training session in New York City for all 33 of the 2014 DAAD Young Ambassadors. While, she learned about the many programs offered by the DAAD as well as ways to market these opportunities to students on campuses across the US.
In addition to learning about the opportunities DAAD has to offer, Wamsley enjoyed meeting “other students who had similar interests . We really bonded over our shared experiences.”

As a DAAD Young Ambassador, Wamsley organizes events each semester to promote Germany’s many study abroad opportunities. While the ideas are still in their early stages, Wamsley plans to have an information session about studying abroad in Germany, as well as organizing “events in collaboration with the German Club [to] encourage student interest in Germany and study abroad in Germany.”
After graduation this upcoming Spring, Wamsley hopes to return to Germany for one year. “[In Germany] I may continue my research or teach through some sort of scholarship before going to medical school,” Wamsley said.

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