Throw some glitter, make it rain (for Kesha)

This Halloweekend, we will all be donning our neon and glitter for the fall concert, where Kesha will be paying us a visit. In preparation, We’ve been listening to classics like “Die Young” and “We R Who We R,” which brings us back to middle school dance days.

Unfortunately, the “Tik Tok” singer has fallen off the radar over the past few years. Due to her exhaustive legal battle against her producer, Lukasz Gottwald commonly known as Dr. Luke, Kesha hasn’t come out with a new album since Warrior in 2012. Gottwald has been her producer under the label Kemosabe, a joint venture with Sony Music, since he discovered her in 2005. The contract includes a six-album deal, leaving three albums left for production.

In October 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Gottwald. She accused him of sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing her throughout their ten-year professional relationship. The most severe of her allegations is that Gottwald drugged and raped her. Her goal was to end her contract with Gottwald and Sony, as she couldn’t work for someone who caused her so much emotional distress. Cited in a New York Times article from October 20, she said, “I cannot work with this monster… I physically cannot. I don’t feel safe in any way.”

Gottwald fought back, denying all allegations and suing Kesha for defamation and breach of contract. He’s managed to stall her career, stopping her from doing the things she loves, and succeed in making the lawsuit as expensive as possible for her. As of February 2016, Kesha’s legal request to be released from her contract was denied. Gottwald’s legal team challenged Kesha’s allegations, citing that she failed to come forward earlier about events that she claims happened in 2005, and lack of specific evidence. Kesha’s rebuttal was that Gottwald wielded his power over her and made her afraid to speak out against him, as he controlled her career and to some extent still does. However, despite her emotional and legal battles, Kesha has been working hard doing what she loves; she created 28 new songs this summer for the Kemosabe label and has submitted a list of other producers she would work with. “We are excited to share new music with Kesha’s fans soon,” Sony said in a statement to Buzzfeed News.

Kesha has received a lot of support from her fans and fellow singers. She’s become a symbol of female power and an icon in the fight against sexual assault. Thousands of fan have signed a petition to support Kesha by releaseing her from her contract. Taylor Swift donated $250,000 toward Kesha’s legal fees. The hashtag #FreeKesha began trending on social media in reference to Sony refusing to terminate her contract. Sony fought back against these allegations, saying they would allow Kesha to work under a different producer than Gottwald, but would not allow her to terminate her contract. As Kesha has recently begun touring again, fans are sensitive to and supportive of her struggles; they chanted “Free Kesha!” during a performance in Brooklyn in September, which she filmed with her phone, as noted by the New York Times.

Kesha is a creative singer whose upbeat tunes encourage embracing individuality and being a strong, confident person. She accepted the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign in March 2016 for her extensive work standing up against the bullying of LGBT youth. In her acceptance speech, the singer thanked all of her fans who have supported her through her struggle against Gottwald, advising them not to “let people scare or shame you into changing the things about you that make you unique” (Daniel Welsch, Huffington Post). Refusing to back down in her lawsuit against Gottwald is incredibly brave. It is rumored that Sony offered to end her contract if she would drop the allegations, but Kesha refused. She is serious about her commitment to standing up for herself and for what’s right, serving as an outstanding role model for victims of sexual assault who are afraid to come forward.

Even though Kesha is working on new music, odds are that we will all know the words to every Kesha song at the concert this weekend from listening to albums like Animal and Cannibal on repeat when we were younger. Get excited to get out on Saturday night and support the sparkling Kesha in her return to the music industry. Let her know how much her fans love her and want to be there for her. She recently began to write new music and perform concerts, so we will have a chance to see her while she’s on her rise back to the animal-print wearing, glitter throwing singer we all know and love. Doors open at 7 p.m. at the Alfond Athletic Center and entry will not be allowed after 8:45 p.m, and entry is not allowed without a wristband, available for pickup in the Spa starting on Thursday.

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