The Cheap Seats

*Prior to the start of the interview

Ethan vanderWilden: Hey, before we start could we turn 

this into a dual cheap seat with Alan like when Chad 

Ochocinco did one with Terrell Owens?

 Echo: Sure, why not. So how did you both first get into 

ultimate frisbee? 

vanderWilden: Well, we were both together when we 

signed up on the email list at the club fair and I went to 

the first practice and I saw Al and Ronnie and thought 

“oh, friends.” And here we are today. Wow, what a wild 

story to look back on.” 

Alan  Leggett : Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

 Echo: What is your favorite tournament to play in each 


Leggett: Mixed Regionals. It is always a lot of fun because 

the fall tends to be a bit more relaxed of a season, but this 

is a pretty competitive one we get to play in.

vanderWilden: I like Atlantic City. We’ve gone the past 

two years and we go in the winter after we haven’t played 

in a while so it’s really fun to play in our first tournament 


 Echo: What is unequivocally the best movie of all time?

vanderWilden: “School of Rock.” Oh, wait no, it’s “Harry 

Potter” five, maybe 7.2, but definitely HP5.

Leggett: “Remember the Titans” or “Surf’s Up,” that movie 

is fire.

 Echo: Ethan, several years ago you stated that you often t

hink about how time is a flat circle. Do you still believe 


vanderWilden: Whoa, that was taken out of context two 

years ago because I was quoting a popular commercial at 

the time. But yes, I stand by it.

 Echo: Alan, why are you an LA Rams fan even though 

you’re from San Francisco?

Leggett: Well, really, I’m just a Jared Goff fan because I 

went to high school with him. I didn’t really know him, 

but he’d win us pretty much every game, so that was cool.

 Echo: What is your favorite meme right now? Describe 

it in words.

vanderWilden: Dave, our roommate, made a pretty funny 

one about people bringing bugs into our room all the 


Leggett: The coffee maker with the hot dogs in it. It’s very 

thought provoking.

 Echo: What are you both looking forward to most this 


Leggett: Frisbee-wise, I’m looking forward to making 

it back to nationals and hoping to put up a good showing 

there. Life in general, I’m looking forward to having a fun 

year with all of my friends.

vanderWilden: Fris, I’m looking forward to playing with 

everyone because we’ve been together for so long and I’m 

excited to do it one more year. In general, I’m looking 

forward to school and friends. I like school and I like my 


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