Thank you, Annie Friedrich!

By Edie Keller (Librarian at the Mitchell School, Waterville, ME)

It goes without saying that teachers appreciate volunteers!  The George J. Mitchell School in Waterville  has had many wonderful helpers throughout the years.  College students, parents, and other adults from the Waterville community have given untold hours to help and enrich the lives of students and staff.

One particular Colby College student, Annie Friedrich ‘15, has done her fair share of volunteering at the George J. Mitchell School library for the past three years.  She shared her valuable time with many students reading stories,  helping select books, and completing Knapsacks of Knowledge with students.

As part of our reading program and the first grade curriculum, Mrs. Lane’s first grade class brainstormed a collection of interview questions to get more background information about Annie, their favorite volunteer.  They discovered that she became a good reader as a child by reading lots of books, particularly Magic Tree House books and princess stories. (Grace, Hannah, and Iziah).  She was not a quiet child, she really liked to talk (Christina)!  Her favorite library book she has read at the school library is Piggy and Elephant (Kirsten).  She makes characters come alive when she uses different voices (Conner).

Annie is 21 years old and a student at Colby College (Brynn , Gabriel, Nicholas and Tanisha).  She is studying about people so she can become a professor (Jacob and Piper). Annie’s favorite color is purple (Lorelei), she wears glasses (Sydney), has brown hair (Rylee), and likes to wear brown boots (Brady).  She enjoys walking outside and playing in the snow (Josh and Alexander).

You can see why her inviting personality is enjoyed by Mrs. Lane’s class members!  Thank you ANNIE FRIEDRICH!

[Editor’s Note: The names in parentheses are the children from Mrs. Lane’s class who interviewed Annie.]

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