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Waterville Next? The downtown dorm and its impact

As Colby moves to distinguish itself among elite higher education institutions, one of the primary undertakings concerns the revitalization of downtown Waterville. Over the past few years, the College has purchased several properties on Main Street, dedicating the spaces to administrative offices, rental spaces, a boutique hotel, and, perhaps most importantly, a state-of-the-art student apartment complex. The downtown dorm will […]

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Exploring Governor Paul LePage’s Waterville legacy

Exploring Governor Paul LePage’s Waterville legacy

In an American political climate where outspoken politicians continue to generate headlines on a national level, Maine Governor Paul LePage has often garnered widespread media attention. Although his name recognition now extends beyond Maine’s borders, LePage got his start much closer to home and laid the foundation for a lasting legacy in Waterville by serving on city council for two […]

Pitbulls ordered to be euthanized escape Animal Shelter

Pitbulls ordered to be euthanized escape Animal Shelter

Two pitbulls ordered to be euthanized by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court escaped from the Waterville Area Humane Society Tuesday, Oct. 31. The pit bulls, Bentley and Kole, were condemned by an Augusta judge after escaping their fenced in backyard and attacking Winslow resident Sharron Carney near her house last year. The dogs seriously injured Carney and killed her 10 […]

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Waterville deals with late October storm’s aftermath

Waterville deals with late October storm’s aftermath

When strong winds and driving rain caused widespread power outages and  damage throughout Maine on Sunday night, the Waterville and Colby community united to cope with the damages left in the storm’s wake. Waterville Public Works Director Mark Turner helped coordinate the town’s response to the storm in conjunction with power companies, police, and fire departments. “I thought it was […]

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Waterville residents weigh in on new downtown dorm

What happens when two hundred students from a notoriously isolated college campus are transferred to a dorm right in the middle of downtown? Colby and Waterville will know the answer to this question soon enough, as Colby’s newest dorm is set to open in the fall of 2018. As part of Colby’s new initiative to revitalize downtown Waterville, the dorm […]

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Mother of missing Waterville toddler receives death certificate

Mother of missing Waterville toddler receives death certificate

Dressed in a green polka dot nightgown, 20 month old Ayla Reynolds snuggled drowsily into bed at her paternal grandmother’s Waterville home on a cold December night. Her adventurous nature had caused a fall while with her father three weeks’ prior, resulting in the soft splint she wore on her left arm. Knowing of her niece’s rambunctious personality, aunt Elisha DiPietro cracked the door open to make sure Ayla had indeed gone to sleep nearly two hours after her 8:00 p.m. bed time. The toddler’s favorite doll peeped out under the covers; except for her breathing, everything was still. According to Ayla’s father, who was staying with his daughter in his mother’s Waterville home that night, this was all that happened in the late hours of December 16th, 2011. But that doesn’t explain why nearly a cup full of the young girl’s blood was recovered on his bedroom floor.

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Students organize Maine March for Racial Justice

Students organize Maine March for Racial Justice

  Colby students are engaged and active in social justice issues, but often just on campus. Three members of the class of 2018, Marcques Houston, Angie Peterson, and Adrienne Carmack, are changing that. They are the organizers for Maine’s March for Racial Justice, which will take place on Oc. 1 in Waterville, starting at Colby’s own Pugh Center and ending […]

Local Exploration: The search for Waterville’s best pizza place

One of Colby’s most popular rumors is that Waterville has the most fast food restaurants per capita in America, making it the fast food capital. While this statistic has not been proved,  Waterville does have many food choices to offer. Especially for a college kid, fast food and cheap food is a necessity. One food many Colby kids,  and all […]

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Doré, Salix, Annick, and Lyse Munézero have been attending many local events, most recently a men’s hockey game at the College.

Local refugee initiative brings hope to nationwide crisis

Amidst vicious debates in Washington, D.C. and a slew of controversial executive orders, the refugee crisis is at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. The one-month old Waterville Area New Mainers Project (WANMP) demonstrates that those in Central Maine are no different. The project, according to Colby Professor of Russian Julie de Sherbinin, aims to, “over time, develop a systematized […]

Alfond  spearheads Maine student debt solution

Alfond spearheads Maine student debt solution

The efforts of Colby and the Alfond Foundation to revive Waterville extended their boundaries on Tuesday, with the foundation announcing it would pay off some or all of the college loans of anyone who moves to Maine or stays in Maine after graduation to work in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In a lunchtime ceremony downtown […]