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Coming to Terms with IT

Coming to Terms with IT

The 2017 rendition of Stephen King’s novel, IT, brings a world-renowned thriller back into the spotlight. The highly-anticipated film, which broke the box office record for highest-earning September release, is on pace to have the top-grossing opening of all R-rated movies according to Warner Bros. As of Sept. 18, it has grossed $219 million. Critics have eaten IT up so […]

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Review: Beauty and the Beast

Review: Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s highly anticipated live-action Beauty and the Beast reboot was as glamorous and magical as promised. Starring a freckled Emma Watson as Belle and heavily bearded Dan Stevens as The Beast, the film paid homage to the classic animated film by recreating almost exact scenes and outfits. However, the revamped version featured a star-studded cast including Emma Thompson, Sir Ian […]

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“Zootopia”: Taking a political stand with talking animals

Meet Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). She’s a bunny with a mission—one that her parents and the rest of the animals living in the sprawling city of Zootopia would call impossible. Hopps wants to be the first police officer of her kind, bringing justice to the seemingly harmonious metropolis. She has no plans to spend the rest of her life growing […]

Screen Pass: “How to Be Single,” a review by your token single senior girl

Valentine’s Day 2016, or as some may call it Single Awareness Day, has come and gone. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief. As a single person, I was a happy celebrator of Galentine’s Day, traditionally the day before the main event, but for those single girls out there this is all we’ve got, and it takes up two days. […]

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Screen Pass: “Spotlight” triumphs in film on Catholic Church sex scandal

Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight is a steadily riveting showcase of the Boston Globe’s famous uncover- ing of child abuse in the Catholic Church in 2002. At the time, almost nobody was aware of—or simply refused to acknowledge—this rampant problem with Catholic priests until a small team of investigative journalists look into it. The film highlights their brilliant work, which resulted in […]

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The Intern: An unexpected exploration of gender roles

On a chilly October night during Fall Break, my mom and I rushed into Showcase Cinema de Lux, bundled in coats and scarves. We were both giddy with excitement, as we had been waiting to see The Intern practically since we saw the first trailer. I’m happy to say that the film did not disappoint. The Intern, written and directed […]

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