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A festival featuring Mumford & Sons drew a large crowd in 2012. Couresy of Friends of the Eastern Promenade.

Obama’s millenial legacy

As President Barack Obama rounds the final stretch of his presidential tenure, political scientists and historians are beginning to question the legacy he leaves behind. Much of this debate is focused on Obama’s most symbolic and controversial actions, such as his implementation of the Affordable Care Act and his expansion of executive power. While much ink is shed about these […]

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Millennial love affair with crosswords

In the age of theSkimm, Buzzfeed, and receiving news through Facebook, it should come as no surprise that print newspapers are slowly becoming ancient history. The rapid increase of digital media has led many to become obsessed with their cell phones, social media, and technology as a whole. This is especially true for the Millennial generation, otherwise known as those […]

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Our Generation Our Choice

Our Generation Our Choice

In almost one year, the citizens of the United States of America will come together to elect the next president. But it is not easy to live in, let alone lead, a nation in this age.  Racial injustice remains as terrible and insidious as ever before, undocumented immigrants live in constant fear of deportation, all while our environment is collapsing […]

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