Support our casual athletes

Colby College is currently in the midst of exciting change due to our new president. Properties have been bought in Waterville, our acceptance rate has dropped, and our facilities seem to be improving. Athletics are no exception to this rule, as our baseball fields have already been improved and our athletic center is set to be redone. The athletic director has hired a new assistant director and new coaches all across the board, and recruiting appears to be steadily increasing. Unfortunately, this all is going to cost massive amounts of money and take months of planning, but it will all be worth it once our facilities finally fit in with other elite NESCAC schools. 

This being said, the school should consider one athletics change that would be inexpensive and easy to plan. The simple change is for the school to spend money on everyday sports equipment students can check out from the athletic center, or at least two working soccer goals on Runnals Hill. This change would also affect more casual athletes, who consistently complain that they don’t feel welcome at the athletic center or cannot play sports.

IPlay sports are very popular among students that know about it and aren’t too lazy to not create a team with friends. Soccer is in both the fall and the spring, but, right now, the Runnals field has one working goal, which forces large teams to play awkward take-it-back games while our varsity athletes bask in the glory of all our athletic facilities. If Colby can spend millions of dollars on our varsity athletes, it can certainly spend a few hundred dollars on a working goal.

Along with this, there needs to be basketballs, squash rackets, and other sports equipment available for checkout/rent from the athletic center front desk. This has been offered in the past and is occasionally offered this year, except that the equipment is terrible, there isn’t enough of it, and it all gets stolen. When I complain about this, people say, “Well, if students steal sporting equipment, why should the athletic center provide any at all?”  To this, I ask why things are getting stolen in the first place? Are there not security officers at the athletic center? Could the front desk not just take student’s key cards while the equipment is in use? To me, the athletic center not having proper sporting equipment boils down to laziness and unwillingness to spend a little bit of money that helps a broad range of people rather than a lot of money for a specific range of people. 

It’s understandable that casual athletes get no attention at Colby. They don’t compete against other schools, they don’t always play very well, and they don’t always even play. Casual athletes get no glory, but they should at least get a little bit of attention. At the very least, they should get two working soccer goals and a few hundred dollars in sporting equipment. It could be managed easily, and it would affect a lot of people itching to get back to their high-school glory days or just wanting to stay in shape. Colby wants to care about athletes, so it should care about all its athletes, even the non-athletic ones.   

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