Story Time: increasing inclusion on campus

Story Time is a program initiated by the Student Government Association (SGA) in 2012 where students are nominated to share a story with their fellow students. The stories may include information about the student’s background, but there is no set format for the story.  During Story Time, a student may speak about an experience, recount a challenge in their lives, or talk about an important event that impacts their future.  Hundreds of students attend the compelling narratives, coming together as a community to support a colleague and learn from their experiences. 

Story Time represents the best of Colby, where students celebrate one another through sharing and support. Past stories have included descriptions of living with depression, images of being immersed in a different culture, and depictions of a challenge in life that appeared insurmountable.

According to SGA President Michael Loginoff ’16, the purpose of Story Time is to give, “a senior an opportunity to share with the community something that we may not know about them. It’s a chance for us to learn about and from the identities of the people in our community and further our inclusion on campus.” SGA Vice President Brittany Chin ’16 agrees: “SGA’s Story Time is an opportunity for a member of our community to tell a story, share an experience or some advice. Story Time is a way of expanding our discussion of multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion on campus.” 

Colby Seniors are nominated by peers to present their story. Chin explains, “The week prior to the event, we send out a survey where all students have the opportunity to nominate a senior. Then, SGA sits down and looks who received the most nominations.”  If someone is interested in presenting at Story Time, they need to spread the word so they are nominated and receive the most votes.  For more information on the Story Time nomination process, students should contact Multicultural Affairs Chair Ramon Arriaga ’16.

Story Time attempts to expose the diversity of the student body and the stories they have to tell.  “There is no pattern [of story] that we are looking for. The point of the event is to learn about the diverse students and experiences that we have at Colby. I’ve come to learn over the many years that we have been running this that everyone has a story,” Chin said.   

Loginoff pinpoints passion as the most important criteria: “A passionate story is definitely the most compelling kind.  It allows us in the community to fully engage, immerse, and try to experience the story of the presenter.”  Chin agrees, saying that, “as long as our presenter is truthful, passionate, and willing to share, their story will be interesting.”

Bonnie Maldonado delivered the first Story Time of this year to a packed crowd on the steps of Miller library. To vote for the upcoming Story Time speaker, complete a nomination online.

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