Sparetime Rec. to become a church

The Sparetime Recreation bowling alley has been a popular destination for many Waterville residents and Colby students who are looking for food and fun. With its well-maintained bowling lanes, energetic arcade and numerous affordable grill options, Sparetime offers hours of entertainment at a relatively low cost. Over the next year, however, the bowling alley may be changing course. This past September, Sparetime owner Andy Couture stated that he would be selling the property to Centerpoint Community Church, with the official purchase planned for Jan. 5, 2015.

Although ownership of the property will officially transfer to Centerpoint following the January purchase, the Church plans to have the building remain as a fully functional bowling alley until reconstruction begins in April. At that time, the property will be completely renovated to support the church’s needs.

Centerpoint Community Church is currently located on West River Road, down the street from Sparetime Recreation and next to the church’s affiliated Christian school, Temple Academy. With the church’s growing involvement in the community, Centerpoint was looking to expand and set its sights on the Sparetime property. The church hosted a business meeting on Aug. 24 to take a tour of the building and voted to purchase the Sparetime property.

During the April reconstruction, Centerpoint plans to convert the bowling alley into a sanctuary center for both teens and children, as well as offices for an estimated 40 staff members and an additional functioning cafe.

The owners are currently working to rezone the property from commercial to residential, a recommendation made by the Waterville Planning Board, since churches are not allowed in a commercial area. The request will go before City Councilors later this week, who will consider approval of the rezoning.

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