Softball loses pitching battle in winless series against Bowdoin

The highlights of this weekend’s games came from the players atop the mound as Colby fielded several strong pitchers in a two game series against Bowdoin. Unfortunately for the Mules, pitching doesn’t create many scoring opportunities, and that proved to be Colby’s weakness this weekend.

This has been a difficult start to the season for Colby Softball, and their struggles continued in their series against Bowdoin. However, the Mules fought throughout the series, and walked away with two very tight losses in which they only allowed five runs total for the Polar Bears.

In game one, Colby held Bowdoin to a 1-1 tie until the eighth inning, when the Polar Bears snuck in a score on a long home run from Marisa O’Toole. Pitching was strong for both teams, with Emily Griffen from Bowdoin giving up only four hits and Wiley Holton ’19 of Colby giving up six. Both Colby and Bowdoin scored in the fourth inning, with the Mules putting a strange point up on the board in a failed bunt attempt. O’Toole also batted in the run that allowed Bowdoin to open the scoring in the top of the fourth. The final score was 2-1.

In the second game, the Mules showed some signs of fatigue, but never gave up as they fought to redeem themselves from the opener. Bowdoin ultimately scored in the first, third, and fifth innings, holding the Mules to a 3-0 loss. Pitching was the difference between the two teams, with Bowdoin’s Katie Hoadley throwing a four-inning shutout. Colby had four hits, two coming from the NESCAC’s leading hitter at the start of the game, Robin Spofford ’17.

The team has shown improvment between this year and previous seasons. Colby will look to show this improvment in their NESCAC record going forward, as this series drops them to 0-6 overall. Outside of the league, the Mules have a 7-15 record.

With ten games to go, Colby is looking to finish with a positive record. If the team won all ten games, they could potentially stand at 17-15 overall by the end of the season. With only two non-NESCAC games against the University of Southern Maine to go, this will be a test of both player and coach patience and discipline over the coming weeks. While it would be a feat to pull off, the Mules have the determination and depth to make it happen.

Colby’s next test comes against Bates College in a three-game series next weekend, playing two games in two hours on Saturday, April 22. Their first game against the  Bobcats is at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon on home turf, one of their final games on campus.

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