Sodexo pie: better than meets the eye

The bustling kitchens of Bob’s produces many things: flatbread pizzas, rotisserie chickens, and even goat-cheese salads. However nothing can top the ruler of Bob’s cuisine: the pie. Sodexo’s pie of note this week was the Two-Layer Pumpkin.

The fancy pie featured both a top layer of pumpkin pie and a bottom layer of cream, all atop a crumble crust. It appeared very elegant upon its small white plate, and the effort made towards its presentation was evident in the clean even cuts separating each piece. Just as well, the craftsmanship of the baker could be seen in the even thickness of each layer.

The texture of the pie was mixed, but satisfying. The thicker pumpkin layer mixed well with the lighter cream in the mouth, making an overall enjoyable experience. Imagine the sensation of petting a soft kitten; this is the best way to describe the smooth mix the pie layers had. Unfortunately, the crust separated easily and mixed unwelcome granules into the feel, as if the kitty’s fur were covered in crumbs while you pet it.

The taste of the pie layers were decidedly unimpressive. There was simply little to distinguish the pie from its fellow pumpkin pie, save that the cream was underneath the pumpkin layer. If you were to simply put whipped cream on top of a normal pumpkin pie, the result would be quite frankly the same. It didn’t help that the actual pumpkin layer tasted stretched, as if the baker watered down the normal pumpkin pie mix.

The one plus that the pie had was the taste of its crust. Although texturally disagreeable, the crust of supposed graham cracker crumbs was quite voluptuous. It had a sweet and full taste, as if the sugar caramelized while it baked or if cinnamon maple syrup was holding all of the crumbs together.

College regular Ben Brougham partook in the pie-eating with gusto. As he ate the pie, he nodded slowly, and decreed “it’s not banana cream pie. But I like it.” He proceeded to finish the pie and smile a little, meaning that it was by all means acceptable.

Considering the texture and taste, as well as Brougham’s input, it’s clear the pie is about equivalent to a slightly above average pumpkin pie. On a scale of 1 to banana cream pie, the Two-Layer Pumpkin falls in at about a cool breeze on a summer day.

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