Skiing continues success at University of Vermont Carnival

It was in the powdery terrain of Stowe Mountain that Mardi Haskell ’17 began her second slalom run of the day. 58.69 seconds later, she crossed the finish line. It was the slower of her two runs, but it was enough to move Haskell into second place, where she finished just 1.32 seconds behind Dartmouth’s Alexa Dlouhy.

Haskell’s second place finish at the University of Vermont (UVM) Carnival this past Sunday was her best of the season, but it was still just a continuation of her already successful year. She has had top 10 finishes in every alpine competition in which she has competed. Despite Haskell’s efforts, the women’s alpine ski team had failed to finish in the top three of every carnival this season. That was until this past Saturday. Top ten placements from Haskell, Jessica Reinhart ’20, and Sandra Schoepke ’20 propelled the Mules to a score of 111 which tied them for second with UVM.

The women’s alpine success did not transfer over to the men’s team. Their eighth place finishes in both the slalom and giant slalom competitions were season-lows. Max Richard ’18 had the best weekend of the Mules, leading the team with an 18th-place finish in the slalom and a 14th-place finish in the giant slalom. Both teams will have to regroup before they travel down to the Dartmouth Skiway for another carnival next weekend.

While the alpine teams raced in their slaloms, the Nordic ski teams competed in their UVM Carnival eight miles down the road. Both Mules teams entered the weekend with general success, neither teams placing worse that sixth in any event. That success continued for the men on Saturday.  Led by Zane Fields ’17, the team finished the day with a score of 73, and fifth place in the free style sprint. The women, however, were not as triumphant. They finished a season-low seventh place in the freestyle sprint, despite Olivia Amber ’17 and Amy Bianco ’17 both placing in the top 15 racers.

The setback did not fluster the women though, as they rebounded the next day in the 10-kilometer classic. The team claimed third place, their best finish this season. While the women rebounded, the men remained steady, once again placing fifth.

Both teams also replicated the individual accomplishments of the 5-kilometer freestyle race in New York. Amber, Bianco, Fields, and Silas Eastman ’17 all once again finished in the top 10 of their respective races. Despite the success of their stars, the Nordic ski teams could work on evening out their top-heavy teams. In the 10-kilometer race this carnival, the difference between the women’s second-highest finisher, Amber, and their third-highest was 35 spots. The men’s gap is not much smaller, as the difference between second and third on the men’s team was 34 spots, though their sprint race was much more balanced. This type of gap may be common among their competition, but it is partially what has kept Colby from taking home first-place in any event this year. The teams should keep this in mind as they continue their season at the Dartmouth Carnival this Friday.

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