SGA Treasurer Candidate: Eric Kim ’17

Hey Colby, my name is Eric and I am running to be your next SGA Treasurer.

In my tenure as treasurer, I hope to achieve what I call the COLBY platform.

Eric Kim webC – Creating a more efficient system of dialogue and expression. As many of you have felt in the past couple of years, we need to develop a more efficient system of dialogue and expression than our current system provides. I envision a Colby community where individuals with minority opinions are heard, and where meaningful and regular dialogue can take place, but where bigotry will not be tolerated.

O – Optimizing the experience for the Colby community. We have four years here on campus. As SGA treasurer, I want to ensure that you are able to make the most of your time at Colby. I hope to work with all great ideas students have and provide funding for these projects. That being said, overspending the budget is not an option. My goal is to optimize our funds to benefit the most number of students here on campus.

L – Looking for ways to bring the campus closer together. At Colby, we have over 110 clubs in existence, some small and others large. As SGA Treasurer, I want to place priority into funding events that can bring multiple clubs, teams, and departments together. One of the first things I hope to achieve is “The Great Apartment Barbecue” in the beginning of the year, where first years can have a chance to meet the seniors who live in Alfond in a non-party setting.

B – Bringing to you a more accountable and approachable SGA. I’ll implement more thorough oversight to ensure that we are spending our funds towards events that will best suit the student body. I also want to make SGA more approachable by taking a more active stance and reaching out to clubs and individuals directly. We should be reaching out to the students, not the other way around.

Y – You. You’re the reason why SGA members are elected in the first place. I will make sure that as SGA Treasurer, the students are my primary concern.

I’m confident that I have the best experience and knowledge to handle such a vital position in the Colby community. I’ll do all I can to make sure you have the best possible time this upcoming year.

A vote for Eric is a vote for COLBY!

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