SGA Treasurer Candidate: Chandler Smith’18

As Treasurer, my goal is first and foremost is to be a representation of the student body. In order to improve the system that we already have in place, I strive to ensure an effective use of the SGA budget. I plan to make the process more efficient while simultaneously implementing a sense of accountability that holds ourselves to the highest level of integrity. Clubs, organizations, and programs who receive over $6000 a semester will be required to submit a short reflection on the ways in which they used SGA funds in order to be eligible for funding the next semester. The clubs will be asked to define their metrics of success and provide a summary of their spending to the finance committee, informing our allocation decisions. In return, these clubs will be eligible to receive a flexible semester budget which provides financial security, streamline budgeting, and provide tangible justification for budget increases.


The treasurer position is as much social as it is fiscal as the leadership position also involves a strong presence on SGA executive board. Being an activist and club leader on campus, I understand how frustrating it can be to accomplish meaningful change. In order to facilitate change, the communication of the finance committee, which I will chair if elected, needs to be clear and strong. I will work closely with campus life to ensure every student who wants to make change has a voice that will listen and support them. Under themes of diversity, inclusion, and community, I plan to implement an “idea/programming” competition where submissions will be received, voted on, and put into practice by students.

What separates me is not only my passion but my openness to learn, to listen ideas brought forward and work with the student so they can come to fruition. I will be a dynamic leader who is culturally engaged, socially aware, and is willing to listen. Vote for someone who is in your corner, who wants to say yes, and who follows through on action. Historically the treasurer role has solely been about distributing funds, which is great and necessary, but as treasurer, I will do more. The issue is that some students don’t feel included, and don’t feel safe, needs to be addressed. Here exists an opportunity for SGA to put its money where its mouth is. Together we can create a better Colby.

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