SGA makes revisions to student roles in meeting

The Student Government Association (SGA) met for its final formal meeting before Spring Break on March 6. The student body passed four motions, mostly unanimously, regarding various aspects of student life, including internal SGA reform.

The first motion was introduced by Tim Gallagher ’16, Senior Class President. The motion was regarding reforms introduced by the Faculty Task Force on Shared Governance. The task force is working to completely overhaul the framework of faculty committees, including the appointment of faculty members, their role, and the committee structure. This reform motion also dictates that the first organizational meeting is held in the spring, with committee appointments made in the spring as well, including student appointments.

This involvement with students is what necessitated the SGA vote on the matter. Every member of SGA approved of the new motion.
The second motion was introduced by Matt Hawkins ’17, Junior Class President, and concerned internal SGA reform. The motion was passed unanimously. As discussed in the previous Echo SGA meeting report, this amendment to the SGA Constitution eliminates the position of Dorm Presidents, and any “geographic” representation to the student government. Beginning next year, SGA President’s Council will be comprised of Class Presidents along with four Class Senators.

The most crucial aspect of the new model is the “3-strike rule,” which is a way to increase accountability within the organization. Under the new system, a member would face consequences for losing involvement, for failing to perform required tasks, or failing to inform constituents of regular happenings.

While this new model will increase the SGA size 29 to 32 students once  again, it is hoped that the added structure for responsibility will improve overall efficiency and accountability of the SGA.

SGA also approved of two new clubs — the Knitting Club and the Colby Fly Fishing Club. The meeting ended with “The Football” being passed onto Hawkins for his working in developing and drafting the amendment for SGA reform. The Association will next meet after Spring Break, where it plans to discuss upcoming events including the Trustees Weekend.

Along with all of the announcements made by SGA this past week, President David A. Greene also announced changes to the Dean of Students search on March 13.

While Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jim Terhune’s role is currently characterized by his interactions with students’ and campus life, an Official Notice message sent by Greene to the community stated a need for the College to “integrate its academic and campus life, to strengthen its commitment to and support a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community, and to build on and bring greater coherence to our already substantial programs in civic engagement,” through the dean’s position.

Greene’s views that the College needs to bridge academic and campus life have been tied back to the Dean of Students search, a role that Greene has now chosen to rename “Dean of the College.” According to the Official Notice, the new title “reflects the seniority and breadth of responsibilities of the position and its direct connection to our academic mission…The dean will have wide-ranging responsibilities including all areas currently within the student life division, with the important additions of being the lead officer overseeing campus-wide diversity and civic engagement efforts.”

According to Greene, the new dean will report to the President, be a member of his or her senior staff, and be an officer of the College.

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