SGA discusses dorm damage, sociology minor at formal meeting

At a formal meeting on Sunday, Nov. 2, the Student Government Association (SGA) passed a motion on the expansion of Counseling Services and discussed progress on SGA programs and initiatives, including action against dorm damage, improvements to campus lighting, and addition of a sociology minor.
The SGA Executive Council began the meeting with a report on the status of various SGA programs. The Colby Affirmation Committee intends to set up a display of vandalized items in Pulver to create better awareness of and sensitivity to the consequences of student actions on the weekends. The Committee is also working to extend the Affirmation to issues regarding sexual assault on campus through a new campaign, “Be A Mule, Not An Ass; Get Your Hands Off Mine.”
The Executive Council also reported that the Spa Delivery Service for the weekends had been finalized, and that the service will begin on Thursday, Nov. 6. Publicity Chair Connor Clancy ‘15 sent out an “SGA Official Notice” to all students to explain that the services will be offered every Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. “Each weekend, a different club on campus will be volunteering their time to bring you the best food on campus. To place an order, call 207-859-5496. Payment options include credit, debit, or cash (no Colby card) and proceeds will go to the Spa as well as the club delivering on that weekend,” Clancy wrote.
SGA also plans to offer coffee in Miller library during finals week, and the Council will make more information available closer to the end of the semester.
The central motion for the meeting was for an expansion of Counseling Services. Kaitlyn O’ Connell ’15 introduced the motion that calls for the need for additional staff, better space and an administrative assistant to support the campus’ usage of the facility. Currently, counselors are located on the top floor of the Garrison Foster Health Center with four on-staff counselors.
Director of Counseling Services Eric Johnson recommended these changes and the motion asserted that they “are all aimed to better serve [our] students’ mental health and to enable necessary and beneficial preventative help that can then be provided by the center.” The motion will now be put before the College Affairs Committee in its next meeting.
SGA representatives from each committee then reported on their work over the course of the last few weeks. The College Affairs Committee approved all changes regarding increased lighting on campus. The plans set forth will create better lighting in some of the darker areas on campus, as requested by students and staff.
The College plans to change the types of lamps used and add more lamp poles, especially on Mayflower Hill Drive, where some students may feel unsafe walking at night. The campus will soon see better lighting by Davis and the Hillside parking lot, among other places.
The Academic Affairs Committee is discussing adding a sociology minor. Currently, the Department of Sociology consists of seven faculty members: Professors Cheryl Townsend Gilkes and Thomas Morrione, Assistant Professors Matthew Archibald and Victoria Mayer, Visiting Assistant Professors Pamela A. Blake and Karen E. Macke and Visiting Instructor Daniel Sherwood. They offer an 11-course major, but community members have requested a minor for students interested in sociology without the curricular space for a full major.
In addition, the Library Committee is discussing the possibility of bringing back some of the books and how it will impact space in response to the “Bring Back the Books” movement surrounding the discourse on Miller Library.
The evaluations of the impact of the renovations have been deemed “Phase III,” and the Committee has been looking into student and faculty feedback to analyze what the next steps in the renovations should consist of.
The Traditions Committee is planning Fall Ball and a Spontaneous Fun Day over the course of the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the Housing Facilities Advisory Committee (HFAC) is contemplating a change in the way Colby Cards allow students to swipe into dorms in order to increase accountability on campus, though the entire plan is still in a preliminary stage. The brief meeting was adjourned after the committee reports.

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