Sexfest and Chill: Latest Sexpo event hugely successful

Sexfest & Chill: Exploring Sex Positivity at Colby was the latest Sexpo event to be held at Colby College. Sponsored by the Feminist Alliance and held on November 18, the event allowed Colby students the opportunity to talk about sex in an open and healthy manner.  The Echo sat down and talked to Maggie Burgos ’17, president of the Feminist Alliance, about the event and its driving purpose.

Echo: What was the purpose behind this event?

Maggie Burgos: Sexfest & Chill: Exploring Sex Positivity at Colby was an event that has been a part of our November programming around sex positivity and sexual health. We wanted this event to provide our community with information about participating in a wide range of sexual activity safely, consensually, and pleasurably, in addition to creating space for community conversation on sex positivity and combating sex-negative behaviors. We also wanted this event to include the many voices that exist beyond white, heteronormative, cis-gendered conversation on sexual activity. We collaborated with WOCA (Woman of Color Alliance), MOCA (Men of Color Alliance), SOBHU (Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity) and the Bridge in order to create this event.

E: Why is this an important issue?

MB: Sex positivity and education about sexual health are especially important issues to be addressed on college campuses because of stereotypes about sexual activity at American colleges. Often, American media leads students to believe that problematic images of sexual culture are true to every campus. These images tend to be white, ableist, heteronormative, and cis-gendered. This event was created to combat those stereotypes and talk about sex beyond those borders.

Opening up space for discussion on hook-up culture, sexuality, and sexual activity is incredibly important for students in our community who might not have had access to education on these topics before coming to Colby. Also, students might be having their first sexual experiences on this campus and information on how to navigate sexual relationships in healthy and pleasurable ways can be very difficult to find. These issues affect all students in our community from all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities; we need to have spaces where students can ask questions and get answers without fear of judgement or prejudice. 

E: Why did you decide to get involved with Sexfest?

MB: The Feminist Alliance leadership committee, especially Sierra Fuller ’18 and Mattie Wyndham ’19, worked together to come up with the idea for this event and as president of the club, I helped facilitate and organize their vision.

E: How was the event organized?

MB: We were set up in Bobby Silberman Lounge with tables for each club and an area for small group discussion. We also had a playlist of informational videos playing on the projector behind the tables. It was a space for people to walk around and interact with the information presented by each group and participate in our discussion on sexual stereotypes at Colby and combating sex-shaming.

E: How was the turnout?

MB: We were very excited about the turn-out that we had! A lot of students came out and both engaged with the materials and participated in our discussion! I think we helped facilitate the conversation around these topics and I hope that we can continue to have these discussions!

E: Were there any surprises or challenges at, or during the organization of, the event?

MB: Nothing we couldn’t handle! Girl Power!

E: Do you feel your goal was accomplished?

MB: I believe so; the purpose of this event was to help start these discussions and provide information. I always think there is more we can do to combat sex-shaming, so I’m excited to work on more events in the future!

E: Will there be any more events like this in the future?

MB: Most definitely. Sexpo in the spring will be sponsored by SHOC but the campus should definitely expect more opportunities for education and conversation from the Fem Alliance!

E: Is there anything else you would like to add?

MB: The patriarchy is harmful to everyone. Dismantle that shit.

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