President Greene addresses Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its second formal meeting of the year on Sept. 28, 2014. The meeting began with an address from newly inaugurated President David A. Greene. Greene talked extensively about his first weeks on the Hill, his plans for the College, and how the SGA could work with the College. “The thing I notice the most is the sense of community. People have been here for 40-50 years, and that is an inspiration to us who have been here [for a shorter time],” he said.
Greene went on to praise SGA for their efforts with the Colby Affirmation. “It is important to not let in things that destroy our community, not let things slide bit by bit, or even all at once. Colby must have a sense of a place that demands and supports excellence. It’s settling for less, a little too often, when it doesn’t have to,” he explained.
The President also talked about how his fresh perspective helps in the College’s endeavours, saying, “I have fresh eyes here, and I see things that bug me. You see stuff others have learned to ignore if they have been here for long.” He talked about how it is important to keep asking ourselves where the College is in the world, where we want to be, and where we sit in the world’s eyes. “It is increasingly more necessary that we answer ‘Why Colby?’ We are clearly so special, but we must move past this sense of Maine modesty, and compellingly present our narrative. […] We must strive to be one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country, and get others to acknowledge that,” he said.
Despite emphasizing the importance of the college’s reputation and public standing, President Greene went on to add that, “We must be true to who we are and what we believe in—our own special niche. There is no need to copy others.” He also stressed the importance of fundraising, saying, “We raise half the money our equivalents are raising per year. The consequences of this are real and visible.” Following his address, Greene answered various questions SGA members raised and encouraged them to attend his office hours.
The regular SGA order of operations resumed after President Greene’s address. The Executive Council shared upcoming events, which include the Harvest Fest and Colby IMPACT. SGA Publicity Chair Connor Clancy ’15 said that the SGA tab would go live on myColby this week. Furthermore, a separate app, “yourColby,” will launch sometime in October or November this year. SGA plans to implement initiatives called ClassBlock and SGABlock as well, which Clancy said would be like a Colby Facebook, with quick information available for all students.
The group approved initiatives to create the Colby Restaurant Exploration and Appreciation Club, and the Commercial Real Estate Club. SGA also voted on the new constitutional amendments regarding election guidelines. These amendments clearly outline acceptable campaigning practices and the consequences for not following these guidelines. SGA Vice President Michael Loginoff ’16 reminded everyone that since these were constitutional amendments, not passing them unanimously would mean that the issue would be raised as a student referendum. SGA unanimously passed the amendments.
The final motion was to recommend the installation of illuminated crosswalks across campus to the College Affairs Committee. In light of a recent accident in which a student was injured by a car while crossing the street near Davis Science Center, some believe that illuminated crosswalks will greatly increase student safety at night. SGA President Justin Deckert ’15 mentioned how this already exists at other colleges. SGA passed the motion, which means that it will now be sent to the College Affairs Committee (CAC). Loginoff, who is on the CAC, said he would present this at the next meeting.

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