Préndelo opens campus to other schools through music

Saturday, Oct. 4th marked the 4th year that SOBHU has organized a “Préndelo” bash in honor of Hispanic Heritage month. Bates, Bowdoin and Thomas Colleges were invited to join the festivities and to dance the night away with Colby students in Page Commons. The first year of the event was originally called “Salsa y Reggae,” but is now titled “Préndelo” in an effort to represent many realms of Latin American and African music such as salsa, hip hop, merengue and bachata.

In English, préndelo means “turn it up” or “turn it on” and is not only a part of Hispanic Heritage Month, but also a part of the Pugh Center’s Throwdown Series. The Throwdown series includes several parties and events hosted by Pugh Center clubs. This month was SOBHU’s turn to throw a celebration and they were also the first ones to take the initiative to host Préndelo in Page Commons.

Tionna Haynes ’15 is the current president of SOBHU and explains the significance and importance of having a Pugh-sponsored party in Page: “[SOBHU has] gone to Bates College where they have cultural parties where the entire school comes and it’s packed. And Colby doesn’t do that. So this year we have tried to emulate Bates…. as in making cultural music from different cultures a part of the party scene at Colby.” Haynes hopes that having a larger space like Page Commons will encourage cultural parties, such as Préndelo, to become a larger part of the Colby community network.

There was a large turn-out for the event, as Page was full of students dancing to vibrant and culturally-relevant music. Haynes explained how SOBHU wanted to shy away from popular music because of its Westernized and American influences. Préndelo is instead about “making cultural music from different cultures a part of the party scene,” said Haynes. By playing more traditional music, the event became a way of celebrating and fully honoring Hispanic Heritage Month.

Haynes mentioned several organizations who assisted with the planning of Préndelo. Campus Life helped with the party registration form and SPB assisted with decorations and lights. SOBHU helped with overall aesthetics of the party, added an array songs to the music playlist, while the board helped with advertising and publicity. The Pugh Center sponsored Préndelo as one of their Throwdown parties and provided refreshments for the event.

Haynes added that SOBHU and the Pugh center support chem-free events and fun party environments in order to encourage cultural engagement and fun among students rather than drinking excessively. Keep an eye out for more of the Pugh Center’s Throwdown parties throughout the rest of the year in addition to other events in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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