Powder & Wig starts season with Kiss Me Kate

With the start of the new school year comes Powder and Wig’s annual One Week musical. For this fall, the board chose to put on Kiss Me Kate, a witty comedy following two ill-tempered lovers and their chaotic lives in show business. Director and choreographer Emilie Jensen (‘15) emphasizes the value of the One Week, explaining how “it’s a really great way for freshmen who are interested in theater to get to know the club in a quick way.” She also mentioned how the show’s timing is beneficial for students who want to get involved before other campus clubs and activities start to pick up.

Although the musical itself is put together within the span of a week, the production process begins much earlier in the year. Prospective directors submit their proposals to the Powder and Wig board in the spring. Once the play is chosen, the director puts together a tech team and reviews the script numerous times over the summer. Jensen wanted to direct a show that could highlight each cast member’s talents, whether it be singing, dancing, acting or working as a crewmember. As Jensen stated, the One Week musical is about “having as many people [as we can] on stage, and highlighting the fact that they love to perform.”

Besides the daunting technical rehearsals that took place two days before opening night, Jensen had little to say about the stressful aspects of directing the show, “Thankfully my team was so great so it wasn’t so stressful.”

Kiss Me Kate opened on Sept. 14 to a packed house in Runnals Theater. The show was filled with lots of singing, dancing and theatrical wit. It was obvious that the P&W team knew how to keep their audience laughing, using an array of slapstick physical comedy and quick-witted lines throughout the span of the play. In addition to the large amount of first years participating in the production (something uncommon for the One Act productions), this was the first time P&W had ever collaborated with the student dance group Hypnotik for a show, which provided two dance numbers for Kiss Me Kate.

Carli Jaff (16’), who has participated in all three of the One Week musicals that have taken place during her time at Colby said, “Working with Hypnotik was a great experience. I think involving them in the cast was a very smart move, because they added a whole other dynamic to the show and really brought it to life.”

Putting on a musical in one week is tough, but with the collective effort made by the members of Powder & Wig and Hypnotik, Kiss Me Kate proved to be a great start for the numerous productions to come this season.

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