Police responding to potentially suicidal man at Colby Circle

In a press conference, Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey said police were informed of a potentially suicidal man en route to the Waterville Police department. The police responded cautiously and have attempted to make contact with the man via cell phone. The man, who in his 50s, has locked himself inside of a pickup truck. Massey reported that there has been no contact.

The original reports from the scene led to speculation of an armed standoff. State police responded in force as both SWAT and K9 teams were reported to be on the scene. There is currently no danger to the public; however, Police have asked for citizens to seek an alternate route in order to avoid the Colby Circle area. The area blocked off is nearby Jokas Discount Beverage, a liquor store popular among students. The Mid-Maine homeless shelter, a Dunkin’ Donuts, and the District Court House are located near the scene.

Several times over the course of the standoff, the man reportedly stepped outside the truck, stood beside it, before returning inside. During one of these instances, police reported seeing a handgun.

At around 11 p.m., negotiators were able to make contact with the man via cellphone. The man’s wife is also said to be waiting in the American Legion parking lot, the police’s temporary command center during the crisis.

Police have no indication why the man chose the police department for the standoff.

The area under scrutiny by police.

The Colby Circle area of Waterville. The standoff occurred in the northwest parking lot of the Waterville Police Station, next to the U.S. Post Office.


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