Pequod senior editors call for art and literature submissions

It’s that time of year again: The Pequod, Colby’s student-run publication featuring creative work from artists and writers, is accepting submissions for its fall edition. The magazine has been an integral part of Colby’s Creative Writing program since 1968. Though faculty largely oversaw the submission and acceptance process in the past, recently The Pequod has relied primarily on students for its organization and publication. This year Editors-in-Chief Simone Leung ’17 and Esther Mathieu ’17, along with Managing Editor Jess Greenwald ’18, will be facilitating the process.

Leung’s involvement with The Pequod began after she submitted several pieces she wrote for a poetry class freshman year. She says, “It was the first time I had ever gotten published, so I was obviously really thrilled and sent my family a copy.” Mathieu has had extensive experience with this type of work. “I was really involved in my high school’s literary magazine, so when I transferred to Colby my sophomore year I immediately sought out The Pequod,” she said. Both Leung and Mathieu agree that The Pequod provides a great platform for students to hear their peers’ voices through creative work. Leung notes that it “is just an awesome way to bring together students’ work from different classes and create a really beautiful publication that people can share and be proud of.” Mathieu added, “I think it’s important for people to have a platform to share their work, to make their voices heard. I think it’s important that we are listening to the other voices on campus through their writing and their artwork.”

So what’s the best part of the process for the editing team? Leung said that the release party at the end of the year is a highlight “because it’s the first time everyone gets to see the publication with their own eyes, so everyone is usually really excited about that,” (not to mention there are desserts and coffee). Mathieu notes that leading The Pequod continues to make her a stronger writer. She adds, “It’s taught me a lot—I’ve continued to learn about managing a magazine, curating work, and about writing and art themselves.”

The Pequod team encourages people with all levels of writing/artistic backgrounds to submit their pieces. If you are interested in submitting to this semester’s edition of The Pequod, you can send any artwork, poetry, or creative writing samples to by November 1. Everyone and anyone is encouraged to submit all types of creative writing. All work is reviewed and chosen for publication anonymously. Mathieu said, “I hope that we can push The Pequod to reach more people this year, to include a wider spread of voices, and to hopefully give people a platform to share themselves and their work.” The Pequod is an important Colby tradition that promotes an appreciation for the artistic and intellectual talent on Colby’s campus.

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