Pen to Paper: walk to party

Francie was wet, drunk, and very aware of the chaffing of her thighs against her snow soaked boyfriend jeans. All she could think about was how if John were to take her pants off tonight that her legs would be frozen, her razor bumps on her bikini line would appall him, and now this chaffing would disgust him as well. He would peel off the cardboard-like denim to reveal her pale, naked flesh and all he’d have in response would be a curled lip with perfect teeth peeking from behind. At least she pregamed with her parents Grey Goose.

She checked her iPhone to see if Katherine texted her about being late to their meeting at the corner of Links Way and Hidden Hill Drive. This corner was where she and Katherine would meet every time they snuck out to go to upperclassmen parties. Both of their parents forbade drinking alcohol so they simply snuck out to avoid their parents all together. Katherine was new this year at school and was very pretty with long, dark brown hair and even though she had braces, she was still beautiful. Naturally, all the boys in the freshmen class had a thing for her (John included) so Francie felt very lucky that she had befriended and lived so close to her. They’d become inseparable in the four months they’d known each other. Katherine hadn’t texted her despite her being 15 minutes late already.

So there she trudged, through the newly fallen December snow, late on a Saturday night. She was shivering, but it was only half a mile left to the corner and then another half mile to the party. At least she’d be with Katherine by that point.

With each step she slipped a little- her Ugg boots had no traction from years of wear. The wind blew snow into her eyes as she looked into a warmly lit window of the Nelsons as she walked by their Tudor mansion. The littlest and blondest of the five children, Sandy, was bundled up between her parents on the couch watching an animated movie. Suddenly, Francie felt very intrusive and looked away.

She wondered how well someone could see into her room from the street. What if John walked by and looked up to see her naked body as she dressed for school? She hoped the light would capture the curves of her hips right and her rat’s nest hair would already be straightened.

She kept walking, somewhat frightened by the thought of peeping toms and and the  pitch-black dark. She finally reached the corner, but there was no Katherine.

She checked her phone again for a text, but there was none. She stood at the corner for 30 more snow soaking minutes when she messaged Katherine: “Hey, Where r u?”

Her ears were turning purple and her hands were ice cold. Finally, ten minutes later she received a text from Katherine: “I’m fucked, rents caught me and I had to say I slept walked. Too suspicious, cant cum. Sorry!”

Francie thought of Sandy, all cuddled up between her parents, and started to walk, homebound.

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