Our community of care

As Community Advisers, our job is multifaceted and changing, but at the core of what we do is one simple thing: care for one another and for our community. While we work hard every day to ensure that each member of our campus is safe and supported, we recognize that this is not always the case.

Whenever someone drinks beyond a point of safety, there are real and dangerous consequences. We as a community should be watching out for one another, not allowing our fellow Mules to become unsafely intoxicated. Every transport is the responsibility not only of the individual but also of the community as a whole.

As CAs, we are with you at dorm events and around campus as well as after a rough weekend. We’re on your side and we have your back, and now we’re reaching out to you for your help. This is for all members of the Colby community. This message is for the drinkers, the non-drinkers, the athletes, the performers, the presidential scholars, and every single student who eats in the dining hall, walks through the spa, and tries to study on the third floor of Miller. Please, think about your role in this community of care.

As we go out and about this weekend, whether to drink Natty-Light or seltzer water, think about what we can do to care for other members of the Colby Community. We can be active bystanders. We can be the voice of reason who encourage our friends to drink responsibly or to take a night off. We can look out for other members of the Colby community. We can set ourselves and our peers up for a safe, fun, and inclusive weekend.

With love,

Hall Staff

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