Ongoing investigation into Cancun Bar Night incident

On Oct. 31, an alleged  incident of sexual harassment and assault took place at Cancun Mexican Restaurant, involving Maggie Hamre `20, the bar’s manager, and a security guard, during Colby’s long-standing Thursday Bar Night tradition. The next day, Hamre posted the following on the Colby College Class of 2020 Facebook group:

“Hello everyone I highly recommend you do not give Cancun any of your business. Last night I was aggressively groped by one of the ‘security’ guards, pushed him off, then he shoved me to the ground. It will be reported. Cancun condones grabbing a**es.”

In an email responding to the Echo, Hamre recalled the incident. She explained that the manager shoved her outside in response to her complaining about the guard’s alleged groping, and mentions that she has video evidence on hand, sent to her by a witness. Hamre suffered injuries from the incident.

“I luckily didn’t need stitches but I have a major gash on my chin and bled all over my clothing[…]If Cancun cared about safety they would have called for help!” 

Hamre continued on to discuss that as a result of her posting, two others have come forward to her, saying that they too had been sexually harassed. She decided not to report the incident, and explained the reason for her hesitance:

“I decided not to report and have a buncha [sic] white dudes try to blame me for my experience of sexual harassment then physical assault. I don’t want any like investigations to come of this, but it happened!”

However, as the Echo spoke to Senior Co-President Garret Genco `20, it was revealed that an investigation had been opened.

“In terms of the reported sexual harassment incident we want to maintain the privacy of the ongoing investigation and respect all the parties involved so we will not comment on this. I apologize that Kevin and I cannot provide a statement at this moment.” 

Contrary to widespread belief that Cancun would no longer be on the Bar Night list, Genco dispelled the rumor. He explained that Cancun was simply, coincidentally, no longer on the Bar Night schedule until the spring.

“We were not planning on returning for the rest of the semester so we can give more nights to other bars like Mainely Brewery and You Know Whose, as per the request from students and our class council. Furthermore, we were also not planning on returning for JanPlan because many seniors will be gone so we don’t want to organize a Bar Night at one of our bigger sites during that month.”

It is currently unclear whether Cancun will appear back on the Bar Night list in the spring.

“I’ll just keep warning people away from there,” Hamre said, if Cancun remains in the Bar Night line-up.

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