NESCAC News: A star is born at Amherst

If you look up Chelsea Cutler online, half of the articles talk about her achievements at Amherst College both on the soccer field and in the classroom, and the other half talk about her exploding music career.

With over 14 thousand followers on Soundcloud and almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s hard to believe Chelsea Cutler has time to still be a normal 20 year old. In the past two years, Cutler has record- ed tracks with famous artists like Chet Porter, Quinn XCIII, Louis The Child, and Kidswaste. She is also one of Ultra’s most recent signees.

Her music tends to be a combination of catchy lyrics that resonate with young people, and appealing electronic backgrounds. However, Cutler has also shown her talent with original acoustic songs, as well as some captivating acoustic covers.

Chelsea Cutler, an Amherst student, balances academics, college soccer, and a growing music career.

This past week, The Echo had the chance to ask Chelsea some questions about her music career and how it all started.

Echo: How did you get into music?

Chelsea Cutler (CC): My parents started me in piano and guitar lessons when I was super young. My boarding school had a small recording studio so I started teaching myself how to use Logic Pro and started to seriously record music when I was a Junior in High School.

Echo: Where does your inspiration and influence come from?

CC: I’ve always said my three biggest influences are Odesza, Bon Iver, and The 1975.

In terms of inspiration, I definitely write my lyrics honestly and candidly and I just go off feelings and experiences I’ve had. For some reason I’ve found that humans tend to get super emotional at night so, when I write, I usually wait till it’s super late when I’m feeling especially lonely or tired or sad and that’s when the good stuff comes.

Echo: What are some of your favorite songs?

CC: I’d have to say some of my favorite songs are “You” by The 1975 and “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” by Coldplay.

Echo: How does it feel being so young and famous?

CC: I’m not famous! It’s cool being young though!

Echo: When did you realize you make a career out of your music?

CC: I think I realize it more every day.

You grow up being told that it’s super unlikely you’ll ever make it in an unconventional career path, like being a movie star or a musician. So this might sound dumb but it never feels entirely real that I’m hopefully defy- ing the odds and being one of the few who get to pursue a creative career. I know I’m going to do it and I’ve never wanted anything so much, but I’m in disbelief with my- self and my life basically every day that I actually get to live my dream.

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