Multi-Faith Council to spread awareness

Various religious and spiritual groups around campus have come together to create a week-long event entitled Sharing Together: Exploring Religious & Spiritual Practice at Colby.

According to Jimmy O’Leary ’15, the event will be hosted by the Multi-Faith Council in collaboration with Colby’s Ecumenical Christian group, Hillel, Newman Council, Zen Group and Muslim group. It “will be an opportunity for various religious and spiritual groups on campus to share their practices with all members of the community,” he said.

The event will begin on Sunday, April 12 at 5:45 p.m. in Lorimer Chapel, in the first collaborative celebration, titled “Ecumenical Christian Chapel Together.” Similarly, students will have the opportunity to attend “Catholic Mass Explained” the following Sunday at 4:15 p.m. in the Lorimer Chapel. Both events will give light to specific practices and ceremonies in order to explain and identify religious tradition.

Colby Hillel will host a picnic Shabbat dinner, “Shabbat Together,” on Friday, April 17 at 5:30 p.m. Though the club always has open dinners and meetings, the nature of this week-long event will hopefully attract students to learn more about the Jewish faith and practices, especially since it will occur on the tail end of Passover.

Finally, on Thursday and Friday of that week, there will be a Zen Practice at 4 p.m. in the Rose Chapel with tea and a discussion afterward, as well as a “Juma Together” event at 1pm in the Rose Chapel, followed by a lunch.

“This year’s Sharing Together series is the first of its kind,” O’Leary said, identifying that this will be the first time the religious groups “host a week-long open and educational event on the topic of religion and spirituality.”

“By bringing the religious lives of students into focus, we hope to create greater understanding and respect between individuals and groups on campus.”

O’Leary also noted that the intention for the event, spearheaded by Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life Kurt Nelson, is to create a greater discourse around these topics and foster an engaged community open to all types of religious and spiritual practices. “Each of these groups are inviting the rest of the Colby community to one of their practices where an explanation of the practice and discussion will follow,” O’Leary said. “All are warmly invited to attend.”

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