Mules Menswear: The Colby Uniform

With spring nearly upon us, it’s important for us to look inside our closets as we put our Canada Goose jackets and Carhartt beanies away until next winter.

Have you found yourself wondering why every pair of boots on campus appears to be slip-on? Well, if you find yourself on the hill, you may want to follow the Colby tradition of wearing boots with two pull tabs. 

Blundstones, often lovingly called “Blunnies”, have gone from a work boot worn by Australian tradesman, better known as “tradies”, to a boot utilized to make it safely to and from the apartments. 

If you find yourself over-boozed, have no fear, because the laceless design makes these guys easy to slip on and off no matter what state of mind you’re in. 

If you do find yourself desiring laces, please consider supporting a local business and purchasing duck boots from L.L. Bean. 

However, don’t go through the effort of lacing them up. Please make sure to wear the laces as loose as possible, so everyone can hear your heels dragging and picking up the floor as you meander through the hallways. The less heel you have remaining on your sole, the better. For the sake of my eyes, and everyone else’s, please do not wear the low cut ones.

What’s that jacket you see everyone wearing? It’s called a Barbour. 

It captures the essence and simplicity of the British countryside, and its large pockets are able to hold your shotgun shells when you go hunting with your dad, or eight beers when you go out with your boys. 

It implies you’re sophisticated, but not showy, which is why this jacket has become synonymous with WASP culture. You appreciate the labor that goes into maintaining it. You know you can’t wash it; that you’re supposed to wax it. 

Yet you’ve owned it since high school and have never re-waxed it once, but at least you know, which is half the battle. This jacket looks best behind when worn while driving your family’s SAAB or 1980s Volvo.

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