Mingle with a Mule: lunch with Maddy Placik `18

Senior year is an equally exciting and terrifying time- faced with the responsibility of finding a job or applying to grad school, as well as with the prospect of leaving many of their closest friends behind, it’s easy for seniors to feel overwhelmed. Like many other members of the Class of 2018, Maddy Placik is juggling these duties while still trying to enjoy her last year at Colby. The Echo sat down for a meal with her to chat about everything and anything, from her favorite memories at Colby to her plans post-graduation.

Echo (E): You chose to eat at Bob’s. Why?

Placik (P): I really like Bob’s, I come here a lot. It has a lot of vegetables which is great for me because I really like vegetables, and there’s always a good protein option. I like Foss too, but it’s kind of a trek to get over there.

E: And what are you eating?

P: I got a salad! Like I said, I like vegetables.

E: So, Maddy, you’re the leader of the improv Club– how did you get into that?

P: Well, I knew I always wanted to try Improv because I like making people laugh, so freshman year I decided to go to tryouts and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t think it went well but I got a callback. I almost didn’t go to it because I was so nervous, but obviously, I decided to go and got on the team. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Colby because I’ve met so many great people through it.

E: What’s one of your favorite memories from improv?

P: Probably the two times we went on a retreat to my friends house in New Hampshire. I think those times are my favorite because it’s nice to bond with the group without worrying about a show or anything and just hang out. It’s especially cool because everyone on improv is so different and then we all just come together and have a great time.

E: What else are you involved in on campus?

P: Well, there’s a lot of things I had to stop doing because of my workload this semester, but I used to do graphic design work in the Communications office, designing brochures and pamphlets and stuff. That was really fun. I was also a tour guide last year, which was so rewarding because I got to meet a bunch of families and tell them about how much I like Colby. This year, I’m a Physics TA, and I always want more people to be interested in Physics so I love being a TA.

E: So then is graphic design something you’re really passionate about?

P: It is. I got into graphic design in highschool because I was on my school newspaper. I did a bunch of the infographics for the paper and I just kind of stuck with it. I do a lot of random graphic design projects for my friends or just for fun.

E: What kinds of projects?

P: Well, I actually created one of the Colby Snapchat filters as well as one of the Waterville filters, and I really enjoyed designing those.

E: That’s really impressive. Is this something you want to continue doing in the future?

P: Well, I know I definitely want to do something creative. My goal right now is to apply to Columbia for the dual degree engineering program and study software engineering, and be a software engineer for a fashion magazine like Vogue, that’s the dream.

E: And how do you feel about graduating this year?

P: I’m definitely gonna miss the community. Colby is a super special place because everyone is so friendly. I always run into people I know and people are always smiling and talking with each other. My plan right now after graduation is to move to New York, which is definitely a very different atmosphere, so I’m feeling pretty nervous about that. It’s gonna be like being a freshman all over again, and that’s a scary thought.

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