Men’s Lacrosse falls in hard fought game to Tufts

Although Colby Men’s Lacrosse ended their week with a 2-2 record overall, it fails to do the team justice and does not capture how well the Mules have played lately. Having come off a close 12-10 defeat at the hands of Hamilton last weekend, the Mules aimed to make a statement this week, and subsequently went above and beyond expectations.

Colby started the week with a Wednesday afternoon match at home against non-conference rival Maine Maritime Academy. The Mules expected nothing short of a dominating win against the Marines, a team they have beaten handily in the past. These expectations were surpassed as Colby crushed Maine Maritime 25-4, with the Mules breaking their previous record (24) for goals scored in a single game.

The Mariners proved no contest for the Mules from the beginning of the game, as Colby raced to a 9-2 lead by the end of the first quarter. The offensive onslaught continued until half time, with the Mules outscoring the opposition 10-0 in the second quarter, ending the half 19-2. Although the Mariners managed to net a goal in each of the remaining quarters, it proved little consolation as the game ended 25-4 in favor of the Mules, with 14 different Colby players scoring. Captain Derek Youngman ’15 led the team with an impressive nine points, scoring three goals and tallying six assists, while Kevin Seiler ’17 added eight points on six goals and two assists.

After the midweek rout of MMA, the Mules looked like a strong opponent as they approached their Saturday game at home against Tufts. It was never expected to be an easy task — the Jumbos are the reigning NCAA DIII champions, and had started the season with an impressive 4-0 record.

Tufts displayed their winning form as soon as the game began, scoring three goals within the first six minutes. Determined to prevent any sort of fate similar to that suffered by MMA, the Mules quickly fought back, narrowing the Jumbos to a 3-1 lead by the end of the first quarter. The second quarter also proved to be highly competitive as Colby brought the score to 4-3 in Tufts’ favor shortly before the half. Unfortunately, two quick goals from the Jumbos would bring the score to 6-3 at the halfway mark.

As the second half opened, all appeared to be going in Tuft’s favor as they scored less than a minute after play resumed. However, the Mules showed off the impressive skill that helped them crush Maine Maritime, with quick goals by Youngman and Conor MacLaverty ’16 cutting the Jumbo’s lead to 7-5.

The ebb and flow of the game continued, but two quick Jumbos goals brought the score to 9-5. The Mules then fought back yet again as Alex Rutan ‘16 scored, only to be followed by a goal off a long shot from Austin Sayre ’17 to bring the score to 9-7. Tufts then scored the final goal of the third quarter, leaving the score at 10-7 to set up a tense 4th quarter encounter.

The Mule’s launched a blistering attack as soon as play resumed, bringing the game to 10-9. The Jumbos, however, were quick to respond to this threat, and Tufts’ Peter Gill scored the final goal of the game with a shot to the lower right corner, leaving the final score at 11-9 with six minutes to go. Despite repeated attacks from either side, both team’s goalkeepers put in impressive performances, keeping the score at 11-9 until the final whistle.

Despite ending with a tough loss, this has been by no means a losing week for Colby Men’s Lacrosse. After dominating Maine Maritime in a record-breaking win, the Mules took the defending national champions to a  two point game, no small feat for any team. These results show that the Mules are not only a competitive team this season, but can compete against the very top teams in the country, signaling a bright future for Colby Lacrosse.

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