Meet the Club: Colby Music Initiative

Curious about new musical goings-on on campus? Want to get involved with student-run bands and collaborative musical events? The Echo spoke with Sam Arthur ’17, the current president of the club. Arthur mentioned Foss Music Night, which will take place on Thursday, October 27, and other initiatives the club is currently involved in.

Echo: What is Colby Music Incubator (CMI)? What’s special about it? When did it start?

SA: CMI is a new club that has a couple functions, including providing recording equipment and practice spaces for students. The club offers all musicians opportunities to perform at campus wide events, like the upcoming Foss Music Night. We also help students find musical groups to play in and connect musicians. We serve the Colby community by maintaining an open and active music culture on campus. I started the club Spring of 2015.

The Echo: What will happen at the upcoming Foss Music Night?

SA: We are planning to showcase four [student] bands at the Foss Music Night, which will happen from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 27th.

Echo: Why should people come to Foss Music Night? Who is participating?

SA: People should come to the Foss Music Night because there is some real musical talent among our students and some of these talented musicians would love to have an audience! The Moist Bandanas, Tonic Engine, the Ravine, and more will be performing.

Echo: What has CMI done in the past?

SA: CMI has hosted a couple events, including a listening party on a Friday night for a student, Jose Barrioneuvo ’16, who made an album himself. We hope to continue to have more opportunities for student musicians to perform.

Echo: Who’s involved? Can people join?

SA: Tom Crisp ’19 has done a fantastic job as vice president in the organization of the club, and we have recently elected five other students, Samuel Pratico ’19, Andrew Fumarola ’19, William Hirsch ’19, John Hagler ’19 and Henry Oliva ’19, with other positions. With this young leadership, we will have ample opportunity to build this club into something that can fully support Colby’s student musicians.

We are open to having any student be involved in our club, and playing an instrument is not a requirement!

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