Looking towards BMR’s Fall musical

Broadway Musical Revue (BMR) is a longstanding Colby tradition loved by many students. BMR is a student-directed musical group in which students of all class years put on a show comprised of songs from a variety of musicals. The musical is known for its humor, sparkly energy, and fun selection of songs.

Since originating in the fall of 1985 by students Mel Ruff ’88, Patty Cirigliano ’88, and Lauren Frazza ’88, BMR has continued to grow and improve over the past 30 years. The cast of fall 2015 is excited to welcome back previous BMR members to a 30-year reunion that will occur during the show on November 12-14, 2015.

This year’s BMR directors, Brendan Leonard ’16, Olivia Gould ’16, and Carli Jaff ’16, are very excited for alumni to come back to the Hill and watch the show, but they are also looking forward to meeting previous members of BMR and hearing about their experiences. The current cast is hoping to invite BMR alumni onstage for a number during the show in order to bring the past and present of BMR together.

Although the BMR alumni are excited to come back to the Hill, there is one member of BMR who everyone is the most excited to see: pianist Gerry Wright. Wright has been with the group since the start, and has played the piano for every show every semester for the past 30 years. He is a staple of BMR, and is beloved by all of its members past and present.

BMR is currently comprised of 16 students, with six new members joining the cast: Joseph Mariani ’18, Sara Hoffman ’18, Julia Warnock ’19, Emily Dunn ’19, Kaylee Pomelow ’19, and Christopher Collmus ’19.  “It’s great to share a common interest with such a diverse group of people. BMR recognizes each of our individual strengths and encourages us to put them forward, while also understanding that none of us are perfect. I am so excited to be a part of BMR because they understand that, individually, each one of us brings something new and different to the table that can be collaborated with the whole group to create something spectacular,” Pomelow said. Dunn added, “From the moment I was first ambushed with a sparkly headband in Miller I knew I had found some of the most eclectic, supportive and talented people at Colby.”

Students from all walks of life join BMR, but the one thing they all have in common is their love for musical theater. Gould commented, “Participating in BMR is some of the most fun I have on campus. For me, the best way to get rid of the stress from the week is to sing and dance to Broadway music.” Hoffman added, “BMR is a great experience. Everyone is full of energy. Each individual brings something unique to the group and comes to practice with lots of enthusiasm.”

Mariani, a member of the Colby football team, has always loved both theater and football. “I’ve always wanted to audition for BMR and I’m so glad that I did! It’s such a great experience so far. I love it… We’ve got great leadership in our directors and I have the confidence that we can make a great show because of them.”

Sam Reed ’16 has been a part of BMR since the spring semester of his first year at the College. “BMR is just a big, sparkly family. I’ve made my best friends in BMR and I love musical theater, and nowhere else can I be as comfortable or as much of a musical theater geek as I am in BMR,” Reed said.

This semester, showgoers can expect to hear music from “Book of Mormon”, “Legally Blonde”, “Funny Girl”, “In the Heights”, “West Side Story”, “Hair,” and more. BMR consists of numbers that include the whole cast, small group numbers, a song rewritten by cast members that centers around an aspect of Colby, a number where a member of the audience is pulled up, and performances with difficult and attention-grabbing dancing. The show is dynamic for both members of the cast and audience members, and the audience will experience a cabaret-style set-up of round tables supplied with drinks and snacks while watching the show.

BMR takes place on November 12, 13, and 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in Page Commons. To find out more, email Brendan Leonard (bleonard@colby.edu), Olivia Gould (olgould@colby.edu), or Carli Jaff (crjaff@colby.edu).

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