Local Exploration: The search for Waterville’s best pizza place

One of Colby’s most popular rumors is that Waterville has the most fast food restaurants per capita in America, making it the fast food capital. While this statistic has not been proved,  Waterville does have many food choices to offer. Especially for a college kid, fast food and cheap food is a necessity. One food many Colby kids,  and all college kids for that matter love, is pizza. It is so nice to be able to order a pizza on a Saturday night at 3 a.m. for little money and have it come in no time. There are a wide variety of pizza joints around Colby that accommodate different needs such as price, availability, quality, and dietary restrictions. Five pizza places in Waterville that many Colby kids frequent are Grand Central Cafe, Pizza Degree, Waterville House of Pizza, Domino’s, and Little Caesar’s.

Grand Central Cafe is on the fancier side, in the sense that they make more gourmet pizzas. Many go there to order individual pizzas, like the specialty pizza “Dammit Jane,” which consists of provolone and mozzarella cheese, green olives, white onion, and parmesan cheese.  The pizzas are affordable as well, with small specialty pizzas priced around $10. Their ingredients are fresh and there is a wide variety of choices for people with dietary restrictions.

Pizza Degree is a fairly new restaurant in Waterville. Their claim to fame is speed: the pizzas here are cooked in three minutes. They serve specialty pizzas, but many people customize their own pizza on the restaurant’s from-scratch  dough. However, Pizza Degree doesn’t take cash— they only credit cards to make the transaction quick.

Waterville House of Pizza, or WHOP, is a classic go-to place for Colby kids. The menu is gigantic and includes  more dishes than just pizza, such as calzones, salads, sandwiches, and pasta. WHOP mainly has signature pizzas that are “classic pizza joint” style. People typically split one pizza rather than getting individual pizzas. WHOP is a very consistent pizza place that many Colby kids go to at any day of the week. It delivers quickly at an affordable price as well, and is open until 2 a.m. on the weekends. 

Little Caesar’s Pizza is the place to go if you need pizza quickly and for very cheap. They don’t have customizable pizzas, but they have the classics like cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. They also have deep dish pizza. They consider themselves “fast food” because the pizzas are already made when you order it from the store; there is no waiting. Here, it is extremely cheap;  large pizza is only six dollars. If you are looking for high quality pizza, Little Caesar’s is probably not the best choice, but when looking to spend less money, this pizza is always a great option.

The last pizza place, Domino’s, is a classic no matter where you are in America. What Colby kids appreciate about Domino’s is the fact that they know exactly what they are getting every time they order. Additionally, Dominoes Many kids order Domino’s for its convenience, affordability, and consistency. Additionally, Domino’s delivers late into the night. When it’s late on a Saturday night and the Spa is already closed, Domino’s is the place to call. They can deliver a delicious pizza for a pretty good price in a short amount of time.

Depending on what you want and when you want it, Waterville has a great selection of pizza places to choose from. Many students say that Grand Central is the best tasting, but its limited hours don’t compete with WHOP or Domino’s. Pizza Degree makes quality pizza quickly, but for not nearly as cheap as Little Caeasar’s. It’s hard to go wrong wherever and whenever you chose to get pizza in Waterville.

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