Klitirinos and Lyons named class of 2018 Presidents

September is an exciting time on Mayflower Hill, especially for the class of 2018 as they begin their four-year undergraduate journey. While many are finding their footing and getting lost on their way to class, two first-year students have already settled in: class of 2018 Presidents Lexie Lyons ’18 and Phil Klitirinos ’18.

Like many friendships on the Hill, Lyons and Klitirinos first met on their Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip (COOT). They were “COOT-cousins,” Klitirinos in one Challenge Course group and Lyons in the other.

Lyons and Klitirinos were fortunate enough to recieve early exposure to the inner workings of the Student Government Association (SGA). As fate would have it, Klitirinos’ COOT dad was none other than SGA President Justin Deckert ’15 and Lyons’ COOT mom was 2015 class President Jumana Hashim ’15.

Somewhere between the annual COOT Fashion Show and Big Blue Moon (a riddle posed to all first years on COOT), Justin and Jumana’s ideals rubbed off on Klitirinos and Lyons, and thus a seed was planted.

Four days after COOT, Klitirinos came to Lyons proposing the idea to run for SGA class of 2018 Presidents. “Lexie is a great and honest person who is genuinely kind to those around her,” Klitirinos said of his decision to approach Lyons. Klitirinos was determined, and it did not take much convincing before Lyons was on board.

Lyons, a California native, brings a lot to the table. She is an ambitious woman who played varsity soccer at Soquel High School in Santa Cruz and served four consecutive years as Student Government Secretary. In her brief time at the College, she has already joined the Environmental Awareness Club, the Pottery Club and plans on starting an intramural soccer team, for which she would take on yet another leadership role.

Likewise, Klitirinos is no slacker. The touted ice-hockey recruit served as class president at Cooper Academy during his junior year of high school, after which he repeated his junior year and spent senior year at the Kent School in Connecticut.

As a hockey player, Klitirinos led the Kent Lions with an impressive 39 points in 24 games. He is expected to play a big role on the ice this year for the Mules. The Montreal native is active outside of the classroom and the rink and is, among other things, a member of the Colby Student Investment Association. Klitirinos plans on studying economics at the College.

Lyons and Klitirinos ran a strong campaign leading up to Election Day with the simple, yet time-consuming strategy of door-to-door campaigning. Klitirinos felt that this process, however daunting, was the key to their success.

“A person that takes the time to meet you with a smile and a handshake says a lot more than any poster can,” said Klitirinos. Dedicated to their campaign, he and Lyons knocked on doors and sent 480 individual e-mails on two different occasions to get the word out about their campaign. Finding the door of every freshman dorm is not easy, so Klitirinos and Lyons divided and conquered, covering all of the Hillside dorms, Dana Hall and The Heights. They also posted flyers on numerous bulletin boards across campus.

It was a hard fought election with four pairs competing for the SGA class of 2018 Presidents. In the primary election, Lyons and Klitirinos displayed dominance, collecting 43.1 percent of votes while the next closest pair earned 20.6 percent of votes.

Despite their dominance, the election required a runoff. Two nerve-wracking days passed before Lyons and Klitirinos were able to rest easy knowing that they secured the position as the Class of 2018 Presidents. Their rest was short-lived as the hardest days are now ahead of them.

Lyons and Klitirinos are settling into their seats in the brand new SGA offices in the Fireside Lounge on the first floor of the Cotter Union. Since their inaugural SGA Meeting, they have already taken steps towards bettering the College community.

Lyons and Klitirinos have helped approve nine new clubs, including the Colby Science Magazine, The Canadian Club, The Whittling Club, CMC International Club and The Napping Club.

Lyons and Klitirinos are brainstorming ideas for class of 2018 bonding events and so far, they have set their sights on two class dinners to encourage camaraderie, engagement and collaboration among the first-years.

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