Horton ’17 starts Mule Mob Rentals

No student at the College enjoys going back to their dorm after a long day’s work, exhausted and desperate for sleep, only to be unable to sleep soundly and comfortably on their small and firm bed. Malik Horton ’17 started Mule Mob rentals in the spring of 2013 as a means of helping students to easily and affordably change their dorm furniture.

An uncomfortable desk chair, an overpriced futon, as well as the narrow, twin size beds at the College came to define Horton’s first year dorm room. Horton didn’t think that students should have to endure this and felt that the campus should be a place where students are comfortable in all locations. In Horton’s eyes, something had to change, so he created Mule Mob Rentals.

“In terms of developing the idea, I’ve gotten involved with a number of entrepreneurs at different elite schools across the country, [such as] Dartmouth, Cornell and Duke… who are all running programs like [Mule Mob Rentals],” Horton said. “We are all responsible for the growth and development of our own individual sites, so I have full autonomy over Mule Mob Rentals specifically,” he explained.

Horton worked to come up with a business plan that was a simple process and stress-free to the customer. The company offers rentals of full-sized beds, memory foam mattresses and futons (the comfortable kind).

In order to participate in the rental service, a student simply places their order on the Mule Mob Rentals website and a staff member will deliver and set up the new furniture for their customers. The student rents the furniture for the school year, and when it comes time to move out for the summer, the service will come dismantle and remove the furniture for no additional charge.

Upon starting the business, Horton wanted to provide a rental service that did not put a sizable dent in the customer’s wallet. As a college student himself, Horton understands that undergraduates are on a tight budget.

Horton is ambitious about the future of the business. “I plan to continue to run this business for the foreseeable future… As a small business, my next step is to establish a labor staff, but so far, I’ve had my hand in all aspects of the business,” he said.

Horton is a very busy sophomore as a government and education double major, a member of the acapella group “Mayflower Chill,” and a varsity athlete. Horton said that as a sophomore, it was a challenge to get started, “especially because our main customers have been upper classmen.”

He went on to explain that even though it is very difficult, he has learned a lot in his experience running Mule Mob Rentals, saying, “It’s great practice in terms of handling real world sales, which is definitely a valuable skill set for the future, regardless of what path I choose to follow.” Horton regarded the situation as a “difficult, but insanely rewarding experience.”

Another thing driving Horton is the support of his fellow students here on the Hill. “Colby has been very supportive of all of my entrepreneurial passions, making me feel like a really proud and supported member of this community,” Horton said.

If you are interested in signing up for the service or learning more about the company visit their website: mulemobrentals.org.

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