Getting to Know Colby Pottery

Without the pressure of spending Mother’s Day at home, it’s pretty easy for college students to avoid the idea of coil mugs altogether. Many, however, have opted to begin or continue their love of ceramics by joining the Colby Pottery Club.

“I became interested in ceramics in my freshmen year. I had never done pottery before, and my friend took me to the studio in November, and I loved it!” Said Nick Pattison ’18, co-head of the Pottery Club. “I have now been doing pottery for about 2 years, off and on, learning as I go, and helping others learn too. I find that it is an extremely relaxing and meditative art, and often times I don’t mind if I don’t make anything, because I just like the feel of throwing clay on the wheel.”

On the other hand, treasurer Alyssa Kullberg ‘18 had a bit more potting experience before coming to Colby. “I first became interested in ceramics my sophomore year of high school when I took it for my art requirement,” she said. “It was a really challenging and at the same time relaxing activity, so I kept at it and have continued it through college.”

One major perk of being a member is everyday access to the studio, meaning students can pot, glaze or wheel whenever their hearts desire. And this access is not restricted to those experienced in ceramics: whether a student has had years of alone time with the wheel or has never even heard of a kiln, it is simple to become involved in the Colby Pottery Club. “A major part of our purpose is to involve the community around pottery and clay-based art, no matter what! In fact, most of our students don’t actually know how to make pottery before they come here, and that’s what the officers, advisors, and members of the studio are here for: to help each other learn!” Pattison said. “We try to offer beginner lessons throughout the semester to help newcomers get more involved and improve their skills,” Kullberg added.

If you are interested in joining Pottery Club, but missed their booth at the Club expo, have no fear: it is very easy and simple to get involved at this point in the year. “There is a contract that every pottery club member must sign to join the club, which you can get from an officer or adviser in the pottery studio when it’s open or by emailing one of the club officers (either Nick Pattison, club president or me, Alyssa Kullberg, Treasurer). After filling out the form, you can return it to me by mailing it to my campus box (6841) with either $10 for the semester or $15 for the year to have 24/7 access to the pottery club key, which stays in the security office, right above the pottery studio,” Kullberg said.

Whether you intend on sculpting a masterpiece or just want a cheap gift for your parents this holiday season, the Colby Pottery Club presents excellent opportunities to learn, create, and get involved on campus!

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