For the first time, Ben is sincerely impressed

I’ve been trying lots of exciting new things recently. As savvy readers may remember, I wore a hat last week. It was great, but this week I knew I had to top it. How does one top wearing a hat? How about Selah Tea.

Yep, before today, I had never been to Selah Tea, but I’m here right now* and it’s pretty great. Relaxing in my comfy leather chair, I reflect on the quiet atmosphere around me. It’s twenty minutes before closing time and the place is nearly empty. To my right, streetlights illuminate an empty street, the occasional car the only sign of life. To my left, Bobby Darin’s croons fill unoccupied tables. Across the street, I imagine, Edward Hopper is painting his latest masterpiece.

The waitress smiles as she hands me my sandwich; her shift is almost up, but she retains her sense of humor. My friend and I are the only two customers left now, and I hear the Selah staff cleaning up in the back. I rush through my sandwich, which is surprising and delicious, before once again easing back into my chair. Death Cab for Cutie’s “Soul Meets Body” has just come on the radio, and I feel like I’m ten years old again. It’s difficult to put into words the hominess of Selah Tea, but even though I’m nearly alone in an almost foreign place, I feel like I could be in my old family room watching Aladdin for the 100th time.

I usually write more humorous articles, but I couldn’t think of anything funny to say about Selah Tea. Perhaps it’s just my mood, but there’s something serenely warm about this place. The glowing orange lights, the ceiling fans spinning in hypnotizing synchronization. I can think of no better way to end this piece than with a quote from my partner in Selah Tea enjoyment, Peter Angieson. “I really like these painting 3D things. The music is louder than you’d think you’d be ok with, but, like, it’s ok.” I guess there’s something here for everybody.

* True as of 10/27/15 at 6:40pm.

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