Five Guys opens new location in Augusta

Augusta’s newest grub spot has opened up this week. Five Guys Burgers and Fries has joined the collection of restaurants and shops on Western Avenue starting last Monday, December 5. A favorite all over the east coast and beyond, Five Guys will provide some much needed culinary diversity to the local area. With a piece of prime real estate visible from the highway, this new restaurant expects to attract crowds looking for juicy burgers and peanuts galore.

Augusta seems to be an emerging hotspot for food chains. Joining Panera Bread, Taco Bell, and many others, Five Guys will establish itself as the somewhat “premium burger chain” in the area. Northland Enterprises purchased the property in Journal Square in 2011 and finally struck a deal with the burger chain. This opening is exciting for the Augusta community and the local board of commerce, which has encouraged new eateries to spark local economic growth.

It seems the Colby community is ready for some new choices as well. When informed of the new Five Guys opening, Garrett Dickey `19 said, “Finally, a decent burger joint!” That attitude is not uncommon among Colby students who find themselves trapped in the dining hall cycle far too often. Another student, Hector Alvarez `19 noted, “Any excuse to go off campus and grab a bite is good with me.” This Five Guys will likely increase off-campus traffic to Augusta.

However, not everyone on the Colby campus is excited about this new Five Guys opening. A student, Christian Arita `19, commented on how the options in the area should be healthy mom and pop shops rather than national chains. “It is depressing to see the community rally around a burger chain when we could support our local shops and offer incentives to locally owned restaurants,” said Arita. A new chain may create a few more jobs, but the money rarely gets pumped back into the community. Often, the true profits are reaped at the very top and never seen again by the community. In addition, Five Guys is hardly seen as a healthy chain. Despite the potential shortcomings of this new shop, Five Guys may be just what Colby students need to get through finals week.

Intended to draw the lunch and dinner crowd, this Five Guys could replace Chipotle as the go-to spot for Colby students looking to indulge their need for fast food. We have all craved a double-stack burger with all the fixings, but rarely know where to find such an item. While it may not be the highest quality burger in the area, it’s affordable and delicious nonetheless. With few quality options in the local Waterville community, students often travel to Augusta or even Portland seeking a good meal.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries opened in 1986, as a lone restaurant in Arlington, Virginia. Over the past 30 years however, Five Guys has expanded to over 1,000 locations, 47 states, and six Canadian provinces. Now, it’s crept closer to Colby’s small-town spot. 

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