Farnham Writer’s Center Celebrates 30th anniversary

The College’s Farnham Writer’s Center, housed on the second floor of Miller Library, acts as a vital tool through which students collaborate to enhance each other’s writing abilities.

The Center found its place at Colby after Margaret Farnham ’28 endorsed it 30 years ago. It began in the basement of Lorimer Chapel with only 3 tutors but today they have over 55 members working in the Center.

Former Coordinator of the Writer’s Center Alexander Champoux commented on the Center’s progress: “I definitely think that during the time I was [at the Center], there was a big boom time in terms of the numbers of tutors on staff, as well as the services we were offering. The College saw significant growth in terms of international students and [the W1 Program], which was well supported [by our writing fellows] and 112 tutors. All of that was incredible to observe and be a part of.”

Director of the Writer’s Center Paula Harrington is hosting a gathering to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Farnham’s donation, and to also call attention to the Center’s importance on campus.

“It’s a celebration to acknowledge our donor family, the Farnham family. It’s important for tutors to meet this family, not just because it increases their connection to the history of the Center, but also because it gives a sense of the type of relationship alumni can have with the College,” Harrington said.

Harrington got the idea for the celebration when she reconnected with the Farnham family and realized how present they are in Maine and at Colby. “At this event, we will have four members of the donor family from three generations…. They all live close to the school, and when I became aware of this, I told them ‘you should come, we should have a cake, we should have a party!’” Harrington recalled.

Margaret Farnham will come to the campus for the event accompanied by her children Margaret Russell Ewalt ‘92 and Jeffrey Russell ‘87, and her grand-daughter Alison Russell ‘18. Harrison will hold the party on Thurs., October 23 from 4-5:30 p.m. and is extending an invitation to everyone whom she calls “friends of the Writer’s Center.”

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