Faces of Colby: Shelby London

Shelby London works at the grill in Dana Dining Hall where hundreds of students filter through every day. In an interview with the Echo, London expressed that she loves working at the College because her fellow employees are great people, and she loves interacting with the College’s students. 

London relayed the rewarding nature of her role. 

“I like it when students tell me how awesome the food is that I make and stuff like that because I work hard. I am here all the time,” London said.

Currently, London works about 56 hours per week. London is responsible for the production of 100 burgers each day. The hardest part of her job comes before grilling the burgers, in the preparation phase. Preparatory work is made especially difficult because the dining hall is currently short-staffed. For London, prep time can take anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours, depending on the meal. 

London currently lives about half an hour away from Waterville in Gardiner, Maine, which is where she grew up, with her mom. 

“We go down to her favorite local bar usually and have dinner and get a couple drinks – it’s what we like to do,” London said.

About six years ago, a family member recommended to London that she should enter the culinary industry. She attended culinary school in Bangor at Eastern Maine Community College, where, after two years, she earned an associates degree in culinary arts. Since then, she has worked at many restaurants prior to beginning at the College. 

Of her previous experience in the food service industry, London explained that she worked in Brewer, Maine “at Mason’s Brewing as a fry cook for awhile,” as well as in Bangor “at McLaughlin Seafood [where] I was a line cook, grill cook, worked at the salad bar. I did a lot of things there.”

In Waterville, one of London’s favorite restaurants is 18 Below, where she recently went for a meal with her grandparents. Her favorite food to eat and cook is Shepherd’s Pie. 

“I like to keep it simple- it has a bit of everything I like,” she said. 

During her free time, London likes to catch up on television shows – she is currently watching Dexter, Blacklist, and Lucifer – have barbeques, and go to beaches with her friends. She frequents Old Orchard Beach, in Southern Maine. After a day of work at Dana, London also loves going out with a group of friends who also work at the College.

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