Faces Around Campus: Scott A. Cornforth

by Louisa Goldman

Although college is commonly characterized by lifelong bonds formed with peers and professors, quite possibly the most consistent relationship a student will have over the course of their four years is that with their dining hall’s cashiers. On Mayflower Hill, a cafeteria cashier’s approving Colby Card swipe is the required price of admittance into Foss, Bob’s, or Dana. It is daily routine for most students to interact with a cashier when having their cards swiped, and their relationship is only intensified by the unlimited meal plan that many students utilize.

One of Colby’s newest dining hall cashiers, Scott A. Cornforth, has thoroughly enjoyed forming these types of connections with students. “My favorite part about this job has definitely been meeting the kids” said Conforth. “They have just been so great.”

A Waterville native, Cornforth has lived around Colby his whole life. However, he didn’t start working in Bob’s as a cashier until this past August; in fact, for most of his life, he was a car salesman in and around Waterville. Although his job took up a large portion of his time, Cornforth focused on his true passion whenever he was free: his family. He remains dedicated to them to this day, spending the vast majority of his time outside of Colby with his two grandchildren. “I love spending time with them” said Cornforth. “They are so fun to be around.”

Cornforth’s ability to connect with children and young adults alike has made him a great Bob’s cashier. His attention to detail has made him a beloved member of the Colby community, from his acknowledgement of a student’s affection for a particular scarf, to his consistent wish that anyone and everyone entering the dining hall “have a great meal.”

“Bob’s is definitely one of my favorite dining halls, so I usually like to grab at least one meal there a day” said Hailey Reed ’20. “I absolutely love the fact that I am greeted with a familiar face nearly every time I walk in. It’s so great to see Scott on a fairly consistent basis. I really enjoy the sense of community his warm personality brings.”

Cornforth has definitely taken notice of the appreciation many students show.

“It’s mind blowing how nice and courteous the kids are here,” he said. “They treat me so amazingly, and I absolutely love getting to know them.”

In fact, one of Cornforth’s favorite times to work is during Bob’s dinner hours from 5 PMto 7 PM a busier time of the day for the cafeteria.

Despite being relatively new on the job as a dining hall cashier, Cornforth has become an embraced member of the Colby community. Whether it’s his infectious smile, attention to detail, or warm personality, Cornforth has definitely made his way into the minds and hearts of many Colby students.

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