Editor’s Picks: 10 Instagram accounts for art lovers

This week we decided to bring you a list of some of our favorite arts related Instagram accounts. This list provides a run down of ten accounts that we think are putting out some of the most innovative, creative, and visually exciting material on Instagram. Enjoy.

1. @ignant

iGNANT is an award-winning online magazine which features a mesmerizing collection of the best in contemporary art, design, and photography. Each post is a preview for an article available on the website, which is linked in the caption. If you don’t have the time to read through a full article, this account is a great way to still get your daily dose of innovative design.

2. @textsfromyourexistentialist

A witty take on self pity from artist and poet April Eileen Henry. Henry imposes the modern iMessage text box on images of Renaissance artwork. Each text box includes a melodramatic musing on the futility of modern life. It’s funny, contemplative, and strangely relatable.

3. @the.daily.splice

Created by artist and Digital Marketing Manager Adam Hale, The Daily Splice features beautiful hand made collages collected from a variety of free magazines found on the Lon- don Tube.

4. @jamesjeanart

The personal account of Taiwanese American visual artist James Jean, who’s known for both his fine art as well as his commercial work. His account features some of his daily photography, photos of finished works, and snapshots from his sketchbooks. The account is a beautifuly insightful look into the creative mind of a genius artist.

5. @teamwoodnote

Colorful, quirky photos from professional shoots and daily happenings taken, edited, and curated by LA-based photographer Caroline Lee. Definitely a must-follow.

6. @ideabooksltd

IDEA Books collects and sells one of a kind art and design books. Located in London’s famous Dover Street Market, these books are either extremely scarce or historically significant. The store’s account features photos of some of their most unique works.

7. @hifructosemag

This is the account of Hi- Fructose, The New Conteporary Art Magazine, which features images of striking artworks from contemporary artists, both emerging and well- known. It’s a great account for keeping in the loop on a diverse range of working artists.

8. @ihavethisthingwithfloors

I Have This Thing With Floors follows a pretty simple formula. The account is a curated set of photos of beautiful and unique floors from around the world with nothing else but the inclusion of the photographer’s feet. The concept revels in the beauty of something otherwise often overlooked.

9. @eugenia_loli

Otherwordly prints and collages by California-based collage artist and filmmaker Eugenia Loli. Loli’s compositions feature eclectic combinations of images that result in complex, visual stimulation artworks.

10. @belebenard

Chicago transplant Béle Benard is a photographer with an eye for the dark, magical, and sometimes hidden corners of the city. Her use of light is exquisite, capturing her subjects and landscapes with the finesse of a master.

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