Dark light in the sky

An overlook of how society creates miscommunication of people (stars) with Father (Sun) and moving towards Mother (Moon) hurts and affects life (sky). In the end, stars need society to cooperate and work and dream together as one.


This poem is about balance between light and dark to understand and cooperate with each other.


Children of the Sky


Sun and Moon arose from the womb

Glittering stars blind in applause

Sun and Moon fated to the tomb

Stars elapsed in what is and was


Sun rained golden tears of light from the sky

Shedding light of inevitable gloom

His golden tears flooded stars left to die

Rather stars never seen fully in bloom


Moon blew silver crisps of wind down below

Liberating and cooling tears of boiling Sun

Her wild twisters froze stars without the know

Of frosting stars dying of coldness till none


Stars’ light dim and suffer

Between rivalry of father and mother

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