Crew completes Ergathon for preservation group

No matter what time Colby students walked through the Spa this weekend, they would have seen members of the men’s and women’s crew team hard at work on their rowing machines. From Friday at four P.M. until the same time Sunday, a member of each crew team was rowing. This 48 hour Ergathon was part of an effort to fundraise for the environmental preservation group, Friends of Messalonskee (FOM), which maintains the teams’ practice sites throughout the year.

Friends of Messalonskee is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to protecting Messalonskee Lake and other bodies of water in the Belgrade, Sidney, and Oakland areas. The foundation works to keep the areas unpolluted and protects the wildlife present. Colby’s crew team uses the lake and the Hume Center on a regular basis. Being able to row outside is a privilege the team greatly appreciates, especially now as spring approaches and warmer temperatures have swept Maine. “We all care about the lake we row on,” said women’s Captain Emily Boyce ’16. “I’m glad we could help support FOM’s efforts to keep it clean.”

Colby rowers were able to express their gratitude by doing what they do best. Beginning Friday afternoon, a member of each crew team took hour-long shifts rowing in Pulver. Passers-by were encouraged to make donations as their peers kept the ergs going for two days straight.   After rowing a total of 1,202,063 meters (almost 750 miles), the men and women raised over $2,000.

The ergathon was successful for several reasons. The teams raised a sufficient amount of money for Friends of Messalonskee, and the event also advanced awareness within the Colby community about crew. “So many people are unsure of what rowing is and how much work we put into our sport,” said Sarah Rossein ’19. “Having the Colby community watch and support us for all 48 hours helped everyone better understand Colby Crew as a team,” she added. The men and women worked hard all weekend, all the while having fun with their teammates and giving back to a great cause.

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