Community protests for Dining Services workers’ rights

On Monday, March 2, a group of students and faculty convened in Lovejoy and made their way over to Eustis in order to protest for better wages and benefits for Sodexo workers at Colby.

United for Better Dining Services (UBDS) is run by a group of student activists, led by Hiya Islam ’15, Milton Guillen ’15, Brian Martinez ’17, Ester Topolarova ’17 and Marina Aruschin ’16. The students met with President David A. Greene at 4 p.m., and throughout the meeting, supporters chanted outside of the building.

This protest is a continuation of the on-going discussions and forums that the UBDS students have hosted, and its main purpose was to present a school-wide petition to the administration. The petition was signed by 350 community members.

Banners in the Pulver Pavilion with numbers on them counted down to the protest and acted as a means by which to spread the word, as the students did not publicly announce their intentions prior to the event.

The Echo has been in touch with many student protestors and will release a longer investigation in the following issue in order to allow administrators time to comment.

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