Colby Napping Club brings together sleep-deprived Mules

Napping ClubThomas Gregston ’16 is an avid napper, who during the past school year took a nap almost every day.

After speaking with several other students who also share a passion for napping, Gregston brought the idea of a napping club to the Student Government Association (SGA) and thus, Colby Napping Club (CNC) was born.

“The Colby Napping Club was an idea I had starting last year, because I found myself napping all the time and I know a lot of people do,” Gregston said. “[CNC] is meant to be a group that brings together nap enthusiasts across campus as well as people who are just curious about napping and who rely on napping as a very important part of their day.”

Exemplifying the essential role napping plays for many mules, Emilie Jensen ’15 also relies on napping to get through the day when getting a sufficient amount of sleep at night isn’t feasibly possible.

“I like sleep, but because I’m a theater and dance major as well as a very active member in Powder and Wig and [Broadway Musical Revue]…when my rehearsals last until around 10 or 11 at night, [after which] I have to do homework…it’s kind of hard to get the full amont of sleep that I want. So, I definitely use napping to kind of fill in the gaps so that I can be fully rested and energetic.”

Gregston said that while many people have the misconception that the CNC will involve communal napping, it is actually just a way to learn more about napping in general.

“So many of us don’t really know how to properly nap and there is so much information as well as misinformation out there,” said Gregston. “I thought that the [CNC] would be a great, sort of weird, way to bring people together to talk about something we all love or rely on and explore a topic which has many facets that I think we could really explore.”

Gregston plans to hold the first CNC meeting on Oct. 6th at 9 p.m., in the Bobby Silverman lounge. At this meeting, Gregston plans to have general introductions while going over some of the expectations of the club accompanied by some chamomile tea and late night snacks.

“I think the first meeting [will] bring people together…I want it to be as high energy as a napping club can be,” Gregston said.

Currently, Gregston is the only student directly involved with the club, but he is open to the idea of having a board of officers to help conduct various club activities and meetings. The content of club meetings may range from napping lectures by various speakers to napping experiences to the discussion of different cuddling techniques such as “big spoon” vs. “little spoon.”

Not only does Gregston plan to bring speakers in the future, but he also has been tossing around the idea of a nap blog on which students could share cool napping experiences and tips.

While there is a lot of scientific research regarding napping, Gregston said he also finds value in the advice students have from their own personal napping experiences.

“It’s all anecdotal information that you hear from people, and I think that’s what we all base our knowledge off of,” said Gregston. “There has been lots of research but it’s really easy to go off of the advice of others and not actually learn what the real research is, and even if you look online, you’ll see so many different things.”

So far, Gregston said the club has been off to a great start. After just two general announcements, almost 50 students have already signed up.

“I think it’s nice to have a group of people who all understand the struggles of needing a lot of sleep and figuring out how to do that in the most productive way possible,” said Jensen. “I think it’ll be a great experience just to meet new people on campus as well.”

While many people are excited for the club to begin, others have expressed concern regarding the necessity of this club: “I think there’s a real purpose for it and it’s also just fun,” said Gregston. “Clubs can be things that people find fun and interesting…It’s a place where people can come together through their enjoyment.”

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