Colby hires new Associate A.D.

Jessica Cherry’s impressive career will continue on Mayflower Hill, where she has recently been hired as Colby’s first full time associate athletic director. Her wide range of experience across all aspects of athletics along with her enthusiastic personality and passion for sports make her a welcome addition to campus. This week, The Echo profiled the exciting new faculty member.

Cherry has been interested in sports since she started her  academic career at Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, NY), where she graduated in 1988. She was a four-sport athlete in high school and planned on playing “either soccer or basketball” during her college experience. Unfortunately, according to Cherry, “I stepped in a pothole or something and tore a ligament in my knee.” Still undeterred, Cherry continued to pursue her love for athletics by majoring in sports medicine and earning her master’s degree in sports medicine at Tennessee Tech.

From there, she pursued her love for training for a few years before moving back to New York City to look for opportunities in coaching and administration. In New York, she looked towards a number of positions including assistant coaching, at different times, the men’s and women’s basketball teams at York College in Queens, New York, and, eventually, being promoted to senior associate athletic director. Her hiring means a move from working at a college of 8,000, “100 percent commuter” students in a massive city, to a tiny school in Waterville, Maine. Cherry has worked for Division I football and women’s basketball teams at Tennessee Tech and even observed the women’s basketball team elevate to eighth in the country. She has also organized officiating for the International Basketball League and worked as assistant to the president of the semi-pro National Pro-Am City League. Colby Athletic Director Tim Wheaton claimed that her breadth of experience will make Cherry an excellent fit for Colby. 

Cherry was attracted to Colby because, according to her, “it reminds me of home.”  She attended a small, private high school in Long Island. In addition, although York College is larger than Colby, the athletics are division III and similar in size to the facility on Mayflower Hill. Although she has only visited Colby once, Cherry is ecstatic to start working, especially with all the planned changes to the facilities in the coming years. She plans to first “talk to athletes and coaches” and “really listen to them” before making any plans towards success for the future. We at The Colby Echo, are very excited to have her join the athletics team.

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