Coffee and vibes on Saturday night

This past Saturday night, Sept. 28, the Mary Low Coffee House conducted the first in a long line of weekly entertainment segments. Shortly after 9 P.M., the coffee house’s lights were dimmed, and the stage was bathed in a warm, soft glow. Picking up his acoustic guitar, Elliot Penn `20 took the stage, and started off the night with some slow, calm acoustic music.

The audience, an about 10-person mixture of friends and strangers, relaxed on the sofas and chairs, drinks in hand, and allowed Penn to take them on a journey of emotion. Penn addressed his audience nonchalantly, while simultaneously captivating us all with his emotive playing. He strummed his last chord, and I heard a girl on the couch whisper, “that was amazing.” After some Leonard Cohen and an original or two, Penn said, “time for a happy song. This one’s about draft-dodging the Vietnam War.”

Kacey Casad `21 also took to the stage Saturday night. Electing to skip the stool she sat cross-legged facing the audience, and played us some of her favorite folk tunes. She too held the attention of the room impressively well. A highlight of the show was her tasteful acoustic guitar/kazoo rendition of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.”

The performers made the coffee house a very calm and laid-back environment. The “vibes” were very supportive and positive. As Casad said. “It’s super chill and low-key, so people shouldn’t be afraid of it. I think it’s really good.” Elliot added, “I’m glad it exists. I had fun playing. I was a nervous wreck but it was what it was.”

This weekly exhibition of campus entertainers is a change in the campus community. The performers thought it could even have the power to impact the Saturday night culture at Colby. “I think it might add a really chill element where people can go drink coffee and listen to folk, which I think is lacking on this campus.” Casad said. Penn added, “We have a lot of partying here. It’d be nice to see some people come out [and] listen to some acoustic sad music. Maybe it’ll get some popularity around campus, [and] spread the word or something.”

Events like this one are being put in place partially help offer students opportunities to have fun on the weekend without having to turn to the bottle. This weekly event is a great chance to have some good, clean fun and celebrate the talent of the student body.

The Mary Low Coffee House is open from 9 P.M. to 11 P.M. each Saturday, now with free entertainment. They serve a multitude of drinks from coffee and chai tea to hot chocolate. The coffee house accepts cash and Colby card payments. Students are encouraged to pay a visit to the coffee house this Saturday Oct. 5, and check out the scene. Campus Life is also still booking entertainers for the fall semester. According to their ColbyNow post, they are looking for a “coffee house vibe.” Interested students should contact Danielle Hague at drhauge@colby.

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