Clinton for the Democratic Nomination




We urge you to vote for the most qualified diplomat, leader, and candidate in recent memory

On Sunday, March 6, Mainers have the opportunity to throw their support behind candidates in the Maine Caucus. We urge all Colby students to cast a ballot in favor of the most qualified Presidential candidate in modern history: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Today, individual members of our government can have a profound impact on our politics and our country. This election will decide whether or not we continue to make strides and continue the progress made in many important social areas over the past eight years. Clinton has long been a fighter for health care, gun control, education and women’s rights, just to name a few.

Clinton has a proven record of leadership. From her days as an attorney, to her tenure as the First Lady of Arkansas and then the United States, and to Capitol Hill as a US Senator, and to Foggy Bottom as the Secretary of State. Despite losing the 2008 nomination to Barack Obama, she was gracious in defeat and went on to become one of the most successful Secretaries of State in recent history. In 2011, Bloomberg News released a poll that showed her with a 64 percent approval rating—the highest of any political figure. In the same poll, a third said she’d do a better job than Obama. Ultimately, she is the only candidate with deep knowledge and experience in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches.

We are not giving up our idealism by voting for Hillary. While other candidates may be associated with that label, we are voting for Hillary because we want what she promises—affordable higher education, abortion protection, progressive tax reform, health care expansion—as these are the reforms necessary to ensure the American Dream for all. Throughout her career, her world vision has revolved around themes of love and kindness. During her announcement for the Presidency, Clinton invoked Methodist founder John Wesley’s call to “do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as you can.” Hillary has demonstrated that she has the experience, the vision, and the mental fortitude to maintain America’s preeminence at home and abroad. She doesn’t deserve to be President because she’s a woman; she’s deserves it because she’s dedicated herself to a life of service and the American people, more than any other politician in recent memory.

We encourage Colby students to go caucus this Sunday, March 6, at 2:00 P.M. in the Thomas College Fieldhouse. This election will dictate the future of our country far beyond this Presidential cycle. We cannot allow the country to take a step backwards.

As Republican “establishment” candidate Marco Rubio once said: “If this election is going to be a resume competition, then Hillary Clinton’s going to be the next President.” While there are some exceptional candidates vying for the Presidency this election cycle, Clinton has risen to the top and has truly differentiated herself from her peers. Hillary Clinton is the right choice for Maine and the right choice for America.


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